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There Might Still Be Hope For "Sex And The City 3," Sarah Jessica Parker Thinks There Might Be A Way To Do It

There hasn't been this much drama about the franchise since Carrie cheated on Aiden.

On Wednesday, Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by Ellen to discuss the return of her HBO series, Divorce, and, of course, talk soon turned to what the state of Sex and the City 3 is:

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In case you forgot, there has been a lot of DRAMA surrounding the movie. With Sarah Jessica and Kim Cattrall both giving conflicting reasons as to why the third movie isn't happening, things finally cumulated with Kim telling Piers Morgan that she is never playing Samantha Jones again.

And though it had been announced that the SATC3 was canceled, Sarah Jessica told Ellen that that might not be the case:

In fact, Sarah Jessica thinks that while right now might not be the time, there might be a way to make the film further down the line:

Sarah Jessica even joked that perhaps they could recast the role of Samantha, with Ellen playing her. To which Ellen sarcastically responded, “So me”: