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21 Insanely Creepy Santa Claus Photos That May Ruin Your Christmas

You’d better watch out, ‘cause these Santas don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

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1. This Santa who looks like he is using that donkey to help steal souls:


Those eyes!

2. This Santa who is definiely something out of Guillermo del Toro's nightmares:

3. This Santa who is probably whispering, "You better smile or else your dog is going to get it!" :

4. This face mask-wearing Santa who will give you nightmares:

5. This Santa who looks like he is possessed by a devil:

6. This. Just this:

7. This Santa who looks more like a demon elf than Jolly Old Saint Nick:


8. This Santa who didn't fool this child at all:

9. This Santa who...I don't even know:

Fox Photos / Getty Images


10. This Santa who looks like he will surely lock you away forever:

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

11. This Santa who would make even a grown-ass adult cry:

12. This Santa who looks like something out of a slasher film:


Those gloves and mask are giving off a creepy serial killer villain vibe.

13. This Santa who looks like he has some rage issues:


"Get me the fuck out here" -- little girl in the photo.

14. This Santa who might also be Voldemort:


This kid is probably wishing he knew a killing curse.

15. This Santa who is obviously forcing this little girl to pose:

16. This Santa who has black eyes for some reason???

17. This Santa who looks like he was recently released from prison:

18. This Santa who looks like an evil garden gnome come to life 😱😩😱:

19. This Santa who basically looks like Michael Myers in a Christmas-themed Halloween film:


20. This Santa who is taking creepy face to the NEXT level:


I feel you little girl.

21. And finally, this Santa who clearly died weeks before this photo was taken:



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