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21 Insanely Creepy Santa Claus Photos That May Ruin Your Christmas

You’d better watch out, ‘cause these Santas don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

1. This Santa who looks like he is using that donkey to help steal souls:

2. This Santa who is definiely something out of Guillermo del Toro's nightmares:

3. This Santa who is probably whispering, "You better smile or else your dog is going to get it!" :

4. This face mask-wearing Santa who will give you nightmares:

5. This Santa who looks like he is possessed by a devil:

6. This. Just this:

7. This Santa who looks more like a demon elf than Jolly Old Saint Nick:

8. This Santa who didn't fool this child at all:

9. This Santa who...I don't even know:

10. This Santa who looks like he will surely lock you away forever:

11. This Santa who would make even a grown-ass adult cry:

12. This Santa who looks like something out of a slasher film:

13. This Santa who looks like he has some rage issues:

14. This Santa who might also be Voldemort:

15. This Santa who is obviously forcing this little girl to pose:

16. This Santa who has black eyes for some reason???

17. This Santa who looks like he was recently released from prison:

18. This Santa who looks like an evil garden gnome come to life 😱😩😱:

19. This Santa who basically looks like Michael Myers in a Christmas-themed Halloween film:

20. This Santa who is taking creepy face to the NEXT level:

21. And finally, this Santa who clearly died weeks before this photo was taken: