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    19 Things That'll Make '90s Kids Say, "So Weird How That's How We Used To Watch TV"

    There was no better feeling than turning on the TV Guide Channel and immediately catching the exact channel you were looking for.

    1. That a grey or black 32-inch TV (which weighed like 150 pounds) was state-of-the-art and it was also considered a pretty big screen.

    2. The really bright red light given off by the cable box.

    3. If your parents wanted to hide the TV they usually put it in a ~fancy~ armoire.

    4. Your rich friends always had a big-ass projection TV that weighed 800 pounds and took up more space than a loveseat.

    5. You probably had your own bean bag chair in your family's TV room, which you loved to sink into — even though they usually got a bit flat with in the first three months.

    6. If you wanted to know what was on you needed to either look it up in the TV Guide or your newspaper...

    7. ...or watch the TV Guide Channel — which meant if something caught your eye you also had to remember the channel number it was on.

    8. Being frustrated because your favorite after school cartoons or shows were interrupted by the O.J. Simpson trial (which felt like went on for five years).

    9. Not being home to watch your favorite show meant having to program your VCR and record it on a blank VHS tape — unless you wanted to wait a few months for the rerun of the episode to air.

    10. If you stayed home sick from school you most likely were excited 'cause you knew you could watch Bob Barker on The Price Is Right...


    11. ...and Supermarket Sweep, which you felt deep-down that you could totally win if you were on it.

    Al Howard Productions
    Al Howard Productions

    12. Rosie O'Donnell was the "Queen of Nice" and hosted a talkshow that you were always excited to watch.


    13. Running home from school to catch one of these afternoon cartoon blocks.

    14. Are You Afraid of the Dark? was the most terrifying thing on television and you both hated and loved watching it.

    CBS Television Distribution

    15. Nick at Nite's lineup meant REALLY old shows, like from the '50s, '60s, and '70s.


    16. Looking forward to Friday nights to catch the TGIF lineup.


    17. Wanting a to order a copy of Pure Moods because they played the commercial for it NON-STOP — you even had all the song clips memorized.

    18. Watching the "viral videos" of the day on Talk Soup with either Greg Kinnear or John Henson.


    19. And finally, watching scrambled porn (with the sound off of course) on the Playboy or Spice channel and hoping for the second that it would show a semi-clear image.

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