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21 Photos That Everyone Will Find Uncomfortably Relatable

Nothing like drunk scrolling through Instagram.

1. When you're spilling your guts via text to your BFF and you get this back:

2. When you get that Uber alert on your phone, but you still got a full drink:

3. When you check your phone after blacking out the night before:

4. When you treat yourself to some undeserved R&R:

5. When your dog pulls this jerk move:

6. When you ask your Uber driver how their night is going and this happens:

7. When you're still mentally on vacation:

8. When you're excited to get a text back, but realize it's not from who you wanted it to be:

9. When you're riding with your friend and immediately regret not offering to drive:

10. When your friend finally watches that Netflix show you've been hyping:

11. When you try to convince yourself that you're above petty drama:

12. When you expect money back for that $10 bill you just gave for your $8 drink:

13. When all you wanted was some quick advice from your parents:

14. Whenever your roommate accidentally forgets to do something:

15. When you ~accidentally~ check your ex's social media:

16. When you pick something up and immediately realize that it's much heavier than you thought:

17. When you check your bank account on Monday morning after partying all weekend:

18. When you take a bunch of selfies and hope for the best:

19. When you're in the middle of group chat and realize you have nothing to contribute:

20. When you come home after a long night out and you open up your Insta:

21. And finally, every time this terrifying moment happens: