"The Real Friends Of WeHo" Just Premiered — Making "Drag Race" Episodes Shorter — And Twitter Is Not Having It

    The library was open onto The Real Friends of WeHo.

    In case you didn't know, last Friday, MTV premiered its latest new reality series, The Real Friends of WeHo. The series describes itself as an "unfiltered and honest look at a select group of friends living, loving, and pursuing their passions in the West Hollywood community."

    The promo poster for the show featuring the cast sitting and standing on a hanging construction beam with the skyline behind them

    However, even before its premiere, the series was already being heavily criticized because one of the cast members is Todrick Hall — who has a lot of controversies surrounding him.

    A closeup of Todrick wearing a blazer with lace panels on both sides of the jacket, a fedora, and a single key as an earring on the left ear

    But The Real Friends of WeHo was also facing huge backlash before its premiere because it was revealed that they would be cutting down the runtime of episodes of Season 15 of RuPaul's Drag Race from 90 minutes to 60 in order to make room for the new show. And they would be airing the Drag Race companion series, Untucked, directly after The Real Friends of WeHo — essentially forcing Drag Race fans to have to watch the new series in order to watch Untucked.

    The promo shot of the current cast of RuPaul's Drag Race in various poses around a car with an MTV logo and tires

    Needless to say, fans were NOT happy about that. So they decided to poke a little fun (okay, they full-on dunked on the show) on Twitter. So, I decided to do a roundup of funny tweets that truly captures how much the show is hated:

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    never seen the alphabets come together more than they have against the real friends of weho

    Twitter: @alex_abads


    The entire LGBTQ+ community coming together to bash the Real Friends of Weho is sending me 😭😭 I have not seen so much solidarity since Beyoncé and Gaga released Telephone

    Bob the Drag Queen / Via Twitter: @K2Fanatic


    i just hope the real friends of weho realize that if we wanted to watch rich gays be annoying we could just go to literally any hotel swimming pool

    Twitter: @mitchoo_oo


    Drag Race fans as soon as The Real Friends of Weho comes on #DragRace

    Entertainment One / Via Twitter: @itsnicogee


    If I ever come on here and say I'm watching the Real Friends of WeHo please know I've been kidnapped and I'm trying to let you know how to find me.

    Twitter: @darlinginmyway


    MTV is holding Untucked hostage to make people watch The Real Friends of WeHo and that’s corporate homophobia.

    Twitter: @justinkirkland4


    The second The Real Friends of WeHo starts

    Twitter: @liamgareau


    I started the WeHo show and I am reminded of something Jessica Lange once said to me after stepping out of an elevator at a rather ~trendy~ place, "Who...are all these people? What do they do? Do they just...come here? And sit? Is that what they do?"

    Twitter: @blgtylr


    “I can’t wait to watch The Real Friends of Weho”

    OWN / Via Twitter: @sebasdilo_


    Everyone turning off MTV before The Real Friends of WeHo starts #DragRace

    Twitter: @ZachGilyardtiktok.com


    the only real friends of weho that we will be watching #RealFriendsOfWeHo

    MTV / Via Twitter: @agstinyelaphant


    Every time the WeHo commercial comes on #DragRace #dragrace15

    Twitter: @AlasknBullWorms


    Put her on the real friends of weho and I’ll watch

    Focus Features / Via Twitter: @Will_Kellogg


    I’m glad to see that we as a community have whole heartedly rejected The Real Friends of Weho. Love that

    Twitter: @EvahDestruction


    Me after Drag Race waiting for Real Friends of WeHo to be over to watch Untucked

    Alaska Thunderfuck5000 / Via Twitter: @dozygay


    sugar going home and the weho show premiering….this is the worst day of my life #DragRace

    CBS / Via Twitter: @blckwidowbrgade


    Me, only getting half the story because I refuse to endure that WeHo gay show to get to untucked #DragRace

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @BeBraesFull


    I knew I shouldn’t have gone on social media, but I did, and someone SPOILED last nights episode of Real Friends of WeHo. Actually it was rotten to begin with.

    Twitter: @dariennelake


    fuck the real friends of weho, give us a 2nd season of vegas revue

    VH1 / Via Twitter: @mascarayde


    This WeHo show forcing me to watch 2 Snatch Games and a runway in 40 minutes. The way I’m voting for Ron Desantis.

    Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity


    Gays being nice & kind online to drag race contestants at 7 then cyberbullying the real friends of weho at 8

    Dimension Films / Via Twitter: @thereidfeed


    MTV World of Wonder / Via Twitter: @Isaiah_Colin


    somehow she's responsible for the real friends of weho

    Twitter: @sedderaside