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    21 Photos That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Wore Braces

    "What do you mean I have to wait ANOTHER three months to get my braces off?!"

    1. When you suffered for what felt like an eternity while the orthodontist tried to take a dental impression:

    2. When they put spacers in and it felt like your teeth were giving birth:

    3. When you first got your braces and it felt like your entire mouth was protruding by a foot:

    4. When nobody told you the unexpected side effect that you'd be drooling like a hungry dog for the first week after having your braces put in:

    5. When you were just chilling with your friends and all of sudden your braces wire popped and it felt like your entire mouth had been slashed open:

    6. When you knew that you couldn't go anywhere without having a pack of dental wax with you for emergencies:

    7. When brushing your teeth required more than just a toothbrush:

    8. When all your friends and family members who had never had braces had the NERVE to say this to you:

    9. When after every appointment you wondered if orthodontics had been adapted from some sort of medieval torture:

    10. When you had to make the HARD decision of what color bands you wanted to wear for the next month:

    11. Whenever you'd leave an orthodontist appointment and forget that you probably weren't going to eat solid foods for a few hours:

    12. When it was a few days after your orthodontist appointment and you wondered if there was something wrong 'cause the pain in your mouth would not subside:

    13. Whenever people coaxed you to smile in pictures and you immediately regretted the decision without even having to see the photo:

    14. When your friends kept naming foods and asking if you could eat them and you just wanted to respond with "They didn't wire my fucking mouth shut!"

    15. When that ONE friend said this to you:

    16. When your bathroom floor was littered with these mini torture devices:

    17. When you had to make the difficult decision of whether you wanted to sleep pain-free or deal with potentially fucking up your progress:

    18. When you eventually gave up on wearing your rubber bands and just lied to your orthodontist:

    #GrowingUpWithBraces "have you been wearing your rubber bands?"

    19. When it felt like that at the rate you were going you'd probably STILL be wearing braces at your college graduation:

    #growingupwithbraces watching people who got their braces after you get them taken off before you

    20. When it had been seven visits since the orthodontist told you they would take off your braces on your next visit:

    21. And finally, when you were told that you were ACTUALLY FOR REALS getting your braces off, but were too defeated to even celebrate: