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17 GIFs You'll Only Understand If Your Sexual Orientation Is Pizza

Warning: Looking at this post may give you a sudden urge to order yourself up a HOT pizza!

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1. This ooey, gooey pizza that you know is going to feel so, so good in your mouth:

2. This thicc one that is saying, "I know you wanna piece of this!":

3. This pizza that is all about the more the merrier:

4. This pie that is getting all hot and ready for you:

5. And this one that is just oozing to get into your mouth:


6. This little number that is just melting in anticipation of being eaten:

7. This one that is working itself into a glistening sweat:


8. This pizza that is totally saying, "Make sure you get in there deep!":

9. This hot slice that's just working it to get your attention:

10. And this spicy number that is saying, "Take a bite out of me!":

11. This little slice that knows it's not the size that matters:

12. This one that wants you to tease it by tugging its pepperoni:

13. This plain number that knows it'll wow you once it gets in your mouth:

14. This pizza that is saying, "GET. IT. ALL. ON. ME. And get me hot and ready!"

15. This pizzas that likes to be topped by all the meats:

16. This pizza that just wants your truffle butter:


17. And finally, this little hot number that likes to get its crust stuffed:

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