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    19 Tweets You’ll Relate To If You’re Just Not That Good At Being An Adult

    "Today I ate a slice of pizza in the shower before work."

    1. When you make a late-night dinner, but keep it light:

    2. When you meal prep:

    3. When you keep your meal on budget:

    4. When you know it's important not to leave your house on an empty stomach:

    5. When you make healthy choices at the supermarket:

    6. When you make sure to add some variety to your diet:

    7. When you indulge a little:

    8. When you're being resourceful in the kitchen:

    9. When you make sure that you keep your fridge fully stocked...

    10. ...and are good at remembering what you've got stocked:

    11. When you put your cooking skills to the test:

    12. When you have a healthy dinner and are able to treat yourself to dessert:

    13. When you know how to keep your diet at 💯:

    14. When you treat yourself to something posh:

    15. When you reward yourself with a cheat day:

    16. When you make sure you don't let any food go to waste:

    17. When you remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

    18. When you make sure you're eating balanced meals:

    19. And finally, when you prove to your parents that you've got the whole adulting thing down: