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22 Pictures That Won't Make Sense To People Who Aren't An Eldest Sibling

It's hard out here at the top.

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1. When you were forced to share a toy, but you made sure your younger siblings could barely get their hands on it:

2. When your youngest sibling would make THIS face after committing the Crime of the Century, which your parents would inevitably pin on you:

New Line Cinema / Via Twitter: @crwnofgold

3. When your parents would have you babysit your siblings and you'd immediately make sure they knew of your AUTHORITY:

Columbia Pictures / Via Twitter: @meg_dianne

4. When you discovered that your sibling snooped through your things when you weren’t home:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @MsBestBones

5. When you made this face after a younger sibling started crying mid-horseplay:

6. When you shared a room growing up and tried to assert your authority, but they were having none of it:

7. When you'd have to fight all your rage in order to coax your sibling out of their room so that you could exact your revenge:

8. When you FINALLY turned 16 and you were allowed to go to the movies without them:

9. Whenever you took advantage of the fact that you were the intermediary between your parents and your siblings:

10. When one of your siblings started to spill the tea to your parents IMMEDIATELY after you had a "secret" conversation with them:

11. But then after that, you made THIS face because it was payback time:

Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @fadintweets

12. When your younger siblings would wake you up in the middle of the night to ask questions when all you wanted to do was sleep:

Cartoon Network / Via Twitter: @EuphoriaChris

13. When one of your siblings added a new, VERY inappropriate word to their vocabulary and you had to pretend like it wasn't your fault:

Disney / Via Twitter: @julyrocky12

14. When someone comments that one of your little siblings looks JUST like you:

15. When you'd promise to do ANYTHING for your littlest sibling if they took the blame:

16. When you'd argue with your brothers and sisters, and your mom would automatically take their side:

17. When you had the trump card and were able to end any argument by simply saying this:

"I'm the oldest, which means I'm always right."

"I'm the oldest, which means I'm always right."

18. When the egged-on horseplay would get a little too rough and you'd accidentally hurt them:

19. When you'd outsmart your brothers and sisters by pulling this move:

20. When you knew better than to get fresh with your parents, but your younger siblings didn't:

21. When you'd had enough of your parents' "You're the oldest and should know BETTER" speech:

22. And finally, when you accepted this truth:

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