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    55 Photos Historians Will Study One Day To Try To Understand WTF Was Going On In The 2000s

    These photos will leave any millennial saying, "Booyah, these photos are poppin' and crunk!"

    1. NSYNC promoting their own MSN Network — which required a CD in order for you to install it on your computer:

    2. A Myspace selfie complete with digital camera and shutter shades:

    3. Myspace's Tom hanging out with Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba backstage at Myspace's second anniversary concert party:

    4. Nelly passing a Steve Madden shoe display that included those creepy ads that featured models that looked like Bratz dolls come to life:

    5. A Facebook status about downloading Dane Cook on LimeWire:

    6. And this Facebook post of some dude telling someone he'll call them back when he has free minutes:

    7. Jessica Alba on the cover of Maxim promoting her TV show, Dark Angel:

    8. This extremely '00s computer desk, complete with lava lamp and Cartman figurine:

    9. The cast of 7th Heaven on Trading Spaces:

    10. The cast of That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Hannah Montana having a three-episode crossover event:

    11. A very powerful formation of Livestrong bracelets:

    12. Hoobastank holding Bratz dolls:

    13. Bratz dolls beating up My Scene Barbie dolls:

    14. Paris Hilton promoting the Motorola Razr:

    15. This huge-ass binder of CDs containing both a Simple Plan CD and a Soulja Boy CD:

    16. Two girls watching Mean Girls on a portable DVD player:

    17. A dramatic picture of some Converse with sharpie drawings on them:

    18. Lil Jon holding his pimp cup next to Hilary Duff and Jason Biggs:

    19. And this photo of K-Fed holding his pimp cup:

    20. A lit'ral Mary Kate and Ashley Game Boy Color game:

    21. And an American Idol game for PS2:

    22. Nicole Richie wearing Uggs with a denim skirt:

    23. An ad for Pepsi's free iTunes bottlecap game:

    24. A Britney Spears protective Nokia cellphone case:

    25. A sign strictly banning the use of Heelys:

    26. The cast of ER talking about Papa Roach:

    27. This SNL skit where Andy Samberg played American Idol's Sanjaya Malakar:

    28. And Rachel Dratch, Seth Meyers, and Natalie Portman doing a skit about Jamba Juice on SNL:

    29. A text message clearly sent in T9 asking the other person to go on AIM:

    30. Sean Fanning of Napster and Carson Daly presenting at the VMAs:

    31. A Monster energy drink placed right next to an iPod Nano and an old phone:

    32. The King from Burger King's Xbox 360 games:

    33. Britney Spears looking down at a shoddily modeled 3D PS2 version of herself:

    34. Ashton Kutcher wearing a "Jesus is my Homeboy" T-shirt with a coordinating trucker hat:

    35. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog promoting his new CD on TRL:

    36. And Dream posing with Destiny's Child while promoting their tour on TRL:

    37. Tony Soprano gazing longingly into the eyes of a Big Mouth Billy Bass:

    38. The Spy Kids trying to get you to drink milk:

    39. The Weakest Link's Anne Robinson doing a book signing at Borders:

    40. A blingee of the Crazy Frog with a big chain that says "Gangsta":

    41. This little girl getting dusted with body glitter at a Club Libby Lu:

    42. Those New Year's glasses with the 0s as lenses:

    43. Melissa Joan Hart playing a Sega Dreamcast:

    44. The Pussycat Dolls performing at a Sidekick 2 party:

    45. Halle Berry shopping at Kitson with an initial purse:

    46. The Girls Next Door's Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison promoting Playboy jewelry at Kitson:

    47. Guys catching Girls Gone Wild trucker hats at Mardi Gras and trying to get a Girls Gone Wild party pass:

    48. Dido promoting her album at the Virgin Megastore:

    49. Eminem and Mark McGrath (sporting FROSTED TIPS that were created by the angels themselves) at the premiere of Joe Dirt:

    50. This guy posing in front of a Kabbalah billboard while wearing a Von Dutch trucker hat:

    51. Stacy's mom (aka Rachel Hunter) wearing a Von Dutch cap:

    52. This tiny TV set (that probably still weighed 50 pounds) that someone is playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on:

    53. Mandy Moore wearing Juicy Couture tracksuit pants tucked into Uggs:

    54. Willa Ford wearing a "Viva La Juicy" T-shirt and pink Juicy tracksuit pants:

    55. And finally, this photo that sounds like '00s Mad Libs: This guy standing next to Joe Francis while dressed up like "Sk8r Boi"-era Avril Lavigne at a Girls Gone Wild Halloween Party!!!