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    21 Pictures You Can Hear If You're 24-34, Even Though You Haven't Heard Them In Years

    It's weird how your brain records EVERYTHING.

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    1. Britney Spears' "Yeeeeeeah" growl/moan in the beginning of her "Oops!... I Did It Again" music video:

    Sony Music

    2. The click of the wheel on your iPod:

    TriStar Pictures

    3. The clap noise your Razr would make when you'd shut it:


    4. The chill voice of the guy saying, "And now the world premiere" on Making the Video:


    5. The Dell Dude saying, "Dude, you're getting a Dell!":


    6. The sound of the Windows start-up page:

    7. Damien saying, "She doesn't even go here!":


    8. The Fantanas singing the Fanta jingle:

    Coca-Cola Inc.

    9. Anne Robinson dramatically saying, "You are the weakest link...GOODBYE":


    10. The kid creepily whispering, "Challenge everything" during the start of an EA Game:

    EA Games

    11. The Disney Channel Movie intro:

    Disney Channel

    12. Hilary Duff doing her Disney Channel commercial:

    Disney Channel

    13. Paris Hilton sorta slurring and in a nasally voice saying, "That's hot":

    Fox TV

    14. The odd moans your Sims would make while having sex:


    15. The ~wooh~ you'd hear when your PlayStation 2 would start-up:

    16. Gwen Stefani spelling out "bananas":


    17. Homestar Runner's voice:

    18. Miss Cleo's voice:

    Miss Cleo

    19. The clicking sounds your CD/DVD drive would make whenever you put a disc in:

    20. Hearing the squeaky door opening noise whenever someone would log onto AIM:


    21. And finally, the guy yelling "Coming soon..." at the beginning of a Disney video:


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