21 Photos That Are So Aggravating That You’ll Want To Scream

    Take a deep-breath before looking through these!

    1. This useless door stopper:

    2. This misuse of an emoji:

    3. This memorial plaque for World War 11 (?!):

    4. These wireless earbuds meant to make you look shapper:

    5. This fan that is cooling down the back of a sign:

    6. And this ceiling fan that is only decorative:

    7. The person who probably put down these social distancing stickers without a measuring tape:

    8. This painted traffic sign that should've been spell-checked first:

    9. And this sign that probably needed a quick Google Translate before being printed: 

    10. This survey that you can't be 14 years old to take:

    11. These packages that hopefully don't contain anything that can be ruined by getting wet:

    12. This sink that probably spreads more germs than it does wash them off:

    13. This knob instructions that is anyone's guess how it actually works:

    14. The person who decided to switch things up when putting out the produce:

    15. This bike lane that comes with a tiny speed bump:

    16. This Geoffrey the Giraffe measuring board that is great...if you're a two-story tall person:

    17. The designer of this decorative portrait who has probably never been to Rome:

    18. And the person who put together this display and has never seen a film starring The Rock (or Vin Diesel for that matter):

    19. This microwave popcorn that was heavy on the butter and very light on the popcorn:

    20. The person who laid down this tile and decided to place one in the wrong direction just to infuriate people:

    21. And finally, the person who gave this girl her vax and then said, "Meh, close enough," when placing the bandage over it:

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating & r/onejob