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    21 Photos That Are So Aggravating That You’ll Want To Scream

    Take a deep-breath before looking through these!

    1. This useless door stopper:

    This door stopper at my school from onejob

    2. This misuse of an emoji:

    SMH,how did this slip through!! from onejob

    3. This memorial plaque for World War 11 (?!):

    World War 11 from onejob

    4. These wireless earbuds meant to make you look shapper:

    Shapper Image from CorporateFacepalm

    5. This fan that is cooling down the back of a sign:

    Hey boss! I installed the new fan! from onejob

    6. And this ceiling fan that is only decorative:

    My schools library fan from onejob

    7. The person who probably put down these social distancing stickers without a measuring tape:

    These 6ft apart stickers that are not 6ft apart from mildlyinfuriating

    8. This painted traffic sign that should've been spell-checked first:

    This person was last in the spelling bee but was hired to mark some streets, this is what you get for hiring him from onejob

    9. And this sign that probably needed a quick Google Translate before being printed:

    Need Spanish from onejob

    10. This survey that you can't be 14 years old to take:

    This survey I am required to take (I'm 14) from mildlyinfuriating

    11. These packages that hopefully don't contain anything that can be ruined by getting wet:

    What the hell from mildlyinfuriating

    12. This sink that probably spreads more germs than it does wash them off:

    Don’t you hate it when sinks are made like this? from mildlyinfuriating

    13. This knob instructions that is anyone's guess how it actually works:

    Break the rules I guess from onejob

    14. The person who decided to switch things up when putting out the produce:

    It's there really a difference between the two? from onejob

    15. This bike lane that comes with a tiny speed bump:

    Maybe it’s for some sweet jumps.... from onejob

    16. This Geoffrey the Giraffe measuring board that is great...if you're a two-story tall person:

    Timmy! Come measure your height! from onejob

    17. The designer of this decorative portrait who has probably never been to Rome:

    This poster...maybe the Colosseum wouldn’t work in portrait? from onejob

    18. And the person who put together this display and has never seen a film starring The Rock (or Vin Diesel for that matter):

    Saw this at Walmart a few years back... from onejob

    19. This microwave popcorn that was heavy on the butter and very light on the popcorn:

    I thought I heated up some popcorn from mildlyinfuriating

    20. The person who laid down this tile and decided to place one in the wrong direction just to infuriate people:

    I was waiting for a dentist appointment and I noticed the floor. from mildlyinfuriating

    21. And finally, the person who gave this girl her vax and then said, "Meh, close enough," when placing the bandage over it:

    To put on a bandage from onejob

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating & r/onejob

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