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    38 Childhood Things Millennials Will Immediately Get, But Gen Z'ers Won't At All

    LBH, '90s kids > every other decade.

    1. Goosebumps books, which you loved, but also low-key gave you the creeps:

    Three different Goosebumps book covers

    2. This classic, which you read over and over:

    The cover for Stinky Cheese Man and Other Stupid Tales

    3. These clackers that you would get in every birthday party goodie bag and that you annoyed the heck out of your parents with:

    A lime green, neon blue, and neon pink clacker

    4. Tamagotchi — the first thing that you truly felt responsible for, which would also cause you so much stress:

    Close-up photo of a kid's hand holding a purple Tamagotchi.

    5. The Magic Eye book series that got you frustrated AF when you couldn't see the hidden images:

    The book cover for the "Magic Eye" book.

    6. These markers that you primarily used to make homemade ~tattoos~:

    10 Caryola Stamp Markers set up in the color order of a rainbow

    7. The Rainforest Cafe, which was the coolest place you could eat at:

    A close-up of the Rainforest Cafe sign with a frog statue above it.

    8. And Discovery Zone, the best place you could celebrate a birthday at:

    9. The Hercules plates...

    A set of six different Hercules plates with the characters on them

    10. ...and Batman Forever cups, which you would ALWAYS use to eat off of and drink out of:

    A set of four Batman Forever glasses from McDonald's.

    11. Arguably the best cartoon block ever: The Disney Afternoon.

    A photo of cartoon characters from the Disney Afternoon

    12. The best way to read books, magazines, and comics: Sitting on the dirty carpet of a Barnes & Noble (which, eek!).

    Overhead photo of a man on the floor of a Barnes & Noble reading books

    13. Owning a portable CD player that you protected at all costs 'cause they were pricey:

    A silver Sony CD Walkman and headphones

    14. Owning one of these sand-filled, glittery, rainbow lizard toys:

    A photo of a stuffed lizard made with a rainbow-colored iridescent fabric.

    15. Collecting Beanie Babies just 'cause you thought they would make you rich one day:

    A collection of Beanie Babies on a store shelf

    16. The original way to binge-watch old TV shows: Nick at Nite's Block Party Summer.

    A screenshot for a Nick at Nite Block Party Summer commercial promoting Lucy Tuesdays.

    17. And the ultimate Saturday night plans: Snick.

    18. The excitement of going into KB Toys...

    The red and yellow sign for KB Toys

    19. ...Warner Bros. Studio Store...

    Giant Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman statues leaping for the a wall of Looney Tunes T-shirts

    20. ...and The Discovery Channel Store whenever you went to the mall:

    A telescope in the back of a store with shirts on the shelves behind it

    21. The Nickelodeon Radio Alarm Clock, which was design goals aesthetic:

    A purple and black mad scientist looking alarm clock

    22. Brain Quest cards, which made learning fun:

    A 4th Grade Brain Quest pack on a table

    23. Disney VHS tapes, which was your original Disney+:

    Six Disney clamshell VHS tapes stacked on each other

    24. And Disney Sing Along Songs tapes, which was the original YouTube:

    A collection of 10 Sing Along VHS tapes

    25. Wooden playgrounds that were usually full of wasp nests and splinters:

    Photo of a girl climbing up the rope log of a wooden playground

    26. The Disney Golden Sound Story books, which, really, it was just about pressing the buttons more than actually reading along to it:

    The Little Mermaid sitting on a rock with Sebastian and Flounder on the cover of the book

    27. Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64, which would make your palms sweaty just thinking about it:

    A screenshot of Rainbow Road from "Mario Kart 64."

    28. And the N64 Rumble Pak, which was a cause of many fights between you and your siblings over who got to use it while playing:

    A photo of the box for the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak

    29. These albums that played at every friend's birthday party you went to:

    30. Friendship bracelets, which you would wear until they fell apart:

    Three kids showing off their friendship bracelets

    31. Bubble Beeper gum, which was not good, but you bought it just for the case:

    The black and pink case for Bubble Beeper

    32. The creepy spokesperson from the Perfection commercial who looked like something straight out of Are You Afraid of the Dark?:

    33. Gameboy Color and the eye strain you got from playing it (especially in the dark):

    A lime green Game Boy Color

    34. This screensaver, which you were seriously entertained by:

    35. And the underwater screensaver, which you could stare at for, like, hours 'cause you thought looked it so real:

    36. The emotional investment you felt toward Steve Urkel and Laura from Family Matters...

    Photo of Urkel in a striped polo and yellow suspenders pointing to Laura wearing a red blazer

    37. ...and Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World:

    A photo of Cory and Topanga leaning on a globe with a tie-dye blue background

    38. And lastly, Furbies, which would basically give you a heart attack when they would start talking randomly in the middle of the night:

    Two grey Furbies set on worn table