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    33 Pictures That Are So Ridiculously 2000s That They're Basically Art

    A trip back to a chillax time!

    1. A Myspace mirror selfie complete with digital camera and shutter shades:

    2. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson on the red carpet of a Teen People party:

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    3. A lit'ral Mary Kate and Ashley Game Boy Color game:


    4. And a Shrek game for Xbox:

    5. Smash Mouth hanging out with Shrek:

    Annamaria Disanto / WireImage / Getty Images

    6. Myspace's Tom hanging out with Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba backstage at Myspace's second anniversary concert party:

    Chris Weeks / WireImage / Getty Images

    7. People checking out iPods at the Apple Store:

    Scott Olson / Getty Images

    8. And a bunch of people posing with their iPods:

    Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    9. A Facebook status about downloading Dane Cook on LimeWire:

    10. And this Facebook post of some dude telling someone he'll call them back when he has free minutes:


    11. Hoobastank holding Bratz dolls:

    J. Countess / WireImage / Getty Images

    12. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Will Ferrell as President George W. Bush doing a skit on SNL:

    Nbc / Getty Images

    13. Ashton Kutcher wearing a "Jesus is my Homeboy" T-shirt with a coordinating trucker hat:

    Denise Truscello / WireImage / Getty Images

    14. This photo of K-Fed holding his pimp cup:

    Malcolm Ali / WireImage / Getty Images

    15. The cast of ER talking about Papa Roach:

    16. Paris Hilton doing an in-store for her book, Confessions of an Heiress, at a Borders:

    Theo Wargo / WireImage / Getty Images

    17. Kim Kardashian texting on a bedazzled Sidekick while Paris Hilton texts on a BlackBerry:

    Gregg Deguire / WireImage / Getty Images

    18. A text message clearly sent in T9 asking the other person to go on AIM:

    19. Britney Spears looking down at a shoddily modeled 3D PS2 version of herself:


    20. Blu Cantrell at the premiere party for Bad Boys II, which was sponsored by Sprite Remix:

    Jim Spellman / WireImage / Getty Images

    21. Kimberly Stewart rocking a terrycloth miniskirt and Uggs:

    Donato Sardella / WireImage / Getty Images

    22. Dream posing with Destiny's Child while promoting their tour on TRL:

    Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

    23. B2K backstage at the BET Awards while decked head-to-toe in Von Dutch:

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    24. The Osbournes signing DVD copies of the first season of The Osbournes at a Virgin Megastore:

    Christopher Polk / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    25. Bai Ling delivering Netflix DVDs to people waiting in line to watch Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith:

    Rebecca Sapp / WireImage for Netflix, Inc. / Getty Images

    26. Anne Hathaway and Joey Fatone posing together at the Season 5 premiere party for Sex and the City:

    Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

    27. This photo of an ad for Motorola's Moto Rokr, which touted that it came with iTunes:

    Shawn Ehlers / WireImage for PMK / HBH / Getty Images

    28. A Hummer painted with pink circles to promote Victoria's Secret Pink line:

    Rodrigo Varela / WireImage / Getty Images

    29. An arm full of charity bracelets:

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    30. This tiny TV set (that probably still weighed 50 pounds) that someone was playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on:

    31. J.Lo on TRL while wearing a sleeveless Juicy Couture tracksuit with heels:

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    32. Britney Spears wearing the classic Juicy Couture tracksuit with chunky sneakers and barely tinted sunglasses:

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    33. And finally, Raven-Symoné showing off her Baby Phat phone while doing an in-store at the Virgin Megastore for the That's So Raven soundtrack:

    L. Cohen / WireImage for Disney Records / Getty Images