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    21 Photos Of "The O.C." Premiere Party That Will Take You Back To 2003

    In the early 2000s was there a party that Paris Hilton didn't go to?

    1. First of all, an earlier less-hipster version of Adam Brody AKA Seth Cohen was there, in this candy cane tie:

    2. And Ryan Atwood debuted his man bangs for the first time:

    3. Rachel Bilson showed up in these earrings and that shirt and 2013 Rachel just rolled over in her bed and screamed.

    4. Mischa Barton came dressed in a dress splattered in dry blood and dove feathers:

    5. And posed with Ben who was still working those bangs (RIP Marissa and Ryan):

    6. Also RIP this friendship. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have never looked so good.

    7. The main man himself, Josh Schwartz was there, and this is Josh Schwartz:

    Yes, THIS Josh Schwartz. The creator and lord of The O.C.

    8. Mark McGrath came representing the late '90s.

    9. And this girl came representing the ugliest pants in the history of the world:

    10. Seth's otha lova Samaire Armstrong came in capris because that was cool:

    11. Luke was fresh out of the Abercrombie in your local mall:

    12. And Sandy's eyebrows were the same beautiful caterpillars we'd learn to love:

    13. Jimmy was there before all the ~dramaaaa.~

    14. and Kiki was in attendance as well, duh, of course she's Kiki.

    15. Julie was there in a negligee, because duh, of course, she's Julie.

    16. The girlz posed!


    18. And she wore this table runner/poncho thing:

    19. But, she accessorized well, by bringing this guy -- that wore giant jeans.

    20. But w/e about his jeans, because he was hot.

    21. And all that really matters is that Seth and Summer were together and it was the start of a beautiful thing:

    <3 Summer + Seth = 4eva <3