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    55 Gifts For Anyone Who Was A Kid In The '90s

    And, if you're a '90s kid yourself, you might just add these to your wish list as well.

    1. Rugrats Monopoly, which requires that the properties be built up with Baby Gates and Playhouses, of course!

    2. These way-too-cool Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, A Goofy Movie, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Lion King ''VHS Case'' Journals.

    3. Hocus Pocus Saint Prayer Candles, that, unlike the Black Flame Candle, can be lit by virgins and non-virgins alike.

    4. Super Nintendo Classic, which comes pre-loaded with 21 classic games!!!

    5. Rugrats Guide to Adulting and Hey Arnold! Guide to Relationships, which will remind anyone that Nick cartoons were chock-full of wisdom.

    6. Magic Eye 25th Anniversary Book, which comes with all-new images.

    7. That's So 90s Trivia Game, which will make any '90s kid's game night a trip down memory lane.

    8. Cards Against Humanity: '90s Nostalgia expansion pack, that'll put a naughty twist to anyone's childhood memories.

    9. This enchanting Beauty and the Beast drinking glass set — that almost looks like a '90s promotional item for a fast food restaurant.

    10. A Power Rangers T-shirt that pays homage to another iconic '90s TV show.

    11. A Nickelodeon Eyeshadow Palette that comes incased in an (iconic) orange cassette.

    12. A Cher from Clueless Funko Pop! that's anything but Monet.

    13. This oh-so-'90s looking Aladdin T-shirt.

    14. This Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book that ~slays~ all other coloring books.

    15. This The Sandlot long-sleeve T-shirt that'll make anyone who sees it immediately yell, "You're killing me, Smalls!"

    16. This Mulan notebook that'll make an organized person out of anyone.

    17. This Pocahontas coffee mug that ~paints with all the colors of the wind~ when you pour hot water into it.

    18. This Lisa Frank leopard-print lip tee.

    19. Or this Lisa Frank SpongeBob mash-up tee that is what '90s kids' dreams are made of:

    20. Saved by the Bell the complete series on DVD, which will make any day of the week feel like Saturday morning.

    21. The Space Jam soundtrack on vinyl, 'cause who has a CD player in 2018?

    22. This Lion King T-shirt that'll be perfect to wear to the opening night of the upcoming live-action remake next year.

    23. This lovely Mulan compact that'll have anyone singing "Reflection" any time they use it.

    24. The New York Times Totally '90s Crosswords puzzle book, which is perfect for anyone who loves entertaining themselves the way we did in the '90s.

    25. This tee featuring '90s (and forever) icon Selena!

    26. This way-too-adorable Chip from Beauty and the Beast tea cup.

    27. Britney Spears' iconic debut album, ...Baby One More Time, on vinyl, which will take anyone back to 1999!

    28. This Space Jam beanie that looks like it would be good enough to keep Michael Jordan's head warm.

    29. This Animaniacs backpack that is zany to the max.

    30. The Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, but in Funko pop! form.

    31. Retro Ninja Turtle Lunch Box Enamel Pin, which opens up to reveal the most ideal '90s kids lunch.

    32. This Saved by the Bell Bayside Tigers T-shirt that'll you'll be so excited to know comes with two stickers included.

    33. This Shakespearean Daria T-shirt.

    34. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers, 'cause any '90s kid deserves something to help unleash their creative side (and also sniff).

    35. Rocko's Modern Life Collector Figure Set: Brown Mailer, which make the perfect work desk accessories/distractions.

    36. This Tiny Toon Adventures T-shirt that is a little loony!

    37. A Tamagotochi, that'll take anyone back to the year 1997, when keeping this thing alive was their only stress.

    38. A Super Nintendo 2019 calendar, that features images from some of the game system's most iconic games.

    39. Batman the Complete Animated Series on Blu-ray, which is arguably the best adaption of Batman in any genre.

    40. This Japanese Jurassic Park sweater that has been ~25 years in the making~.

    41. A Gargoyles Funko Pop! toy for any fan of this Disney Afternoon cult classic.

    42. This Aladdin "VHS Case" clutch, that'll add a little whimsy to any '90s kid night out!

    43. Spice Girls debut album on vinyl – which is the perfect way to spice up anyone's life!

    44. This Jurassic Park Black Amber Soap that looks like it came straight off the top of John Hammond's cane.

    45. A Crash Bandicoot Air Freshener that'll look good hanging on anyone's rearview mirror.

    46. A PlayStation Classic, which comes pre-loaded with 20 classic games!!!

    47. This Central Perk soup mug, which is the perfect gift for that Friends fan in your life.

    48. This very chic and subtle Sailor Moon Luna mini-backpack.

    49. This Game Boy alarm clock that'll add a bit of the '90s to any nightstand.

    50. This Powerline Tour T-shirt — for the greatest tour that never was.

    51. And finally, this awesome '90s mix vinyl that looks like a burned CD.