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    People Are Sharing Modern Social Media Trends They Hate, And I Think We Can All Agree On 99% Of These

    "I'm exhausted with how vapid and fake social media is."

    Yesterday, Reddit user u/jimjoe1 asked the AskReddit community: "What modern social trend pisses you off the most?"

    The thread quickly went viral as people began to share not only social media trends, but also modern day technological things that piss them off. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "Recording strangers to see their reactions."

    Man recording man and women at table in Japan

    2. "Social media influencers asking for free items unsolicited, then when they get a decline they threaten to (and in some cases do) leave bad reviews, forcing the company to have to respond to false allegations for no reason."


    3. "How everything needs to be on social media. I have to explicitly say to family members please don’t put this on social media at family events, etc."

    "As an example, trying to post that I had gotten engaged on Facebook before I’d even gotten to tell close family and friends who weren’t actually there. Then they get defensive when you say can you not post that please 🙄."


    4. "I just kinda hate YouTuber culture in general. I used to work at a Guitar Center Pro Audio department — which is the hub for pretty much all digital creators in one way or another — and almost every week, someone would come in filming, not even subtly."

    "I'm at work looking like hell, and whatever profit or notoriety that comes from me being part of your set without consent will never make it back to me."


    5. "Gender reveals."

    6. "Lots of wholesome moments that get filmed and eventually make it to the top page of Reddit are nice, but at the same time, I wonder: Was filming and sharing it with the world really the best thing?"


    7. "Putting on 'entertainment' has eaten into everything. Politics, personal relationships, sexual intimacy...the yardstick has become not 'How good are you at something?' but, 'How good of a show are you putting on?'"


    8. "My DM [Dungeon Master] entertained the thought of recording our D&D [Dungeons & Dragons] sessions because of how many popular ones there are online. We all said no fucking way. Everyone wants to turn their hobbies into something they can use for popularity or money."

    "Even people doing things like playing video games or board games is now a potential thing to get viewers for. Just because some people turned their hobby into a career doesn’t mean everyone should.

    (Not to mention that our sessions are not even that entertaining, so it would be nothing but a source of embarrassment.)"


    9. "I’ve noticed quite a few 'influencers' on Instagram that straight-up post their Venmo or PayPal info, basically saying, 'Here’s where to send me money for being hot!' Not for a service. Not for a promotion. It’s just to give me money."

    A phone with Venmo on it and Venmo PayPal on a wall behind it

    10. "Treating opinion as fact and fact as opinion."


    11. "In general, just the fact that people aren't allowed to be private anymore. All your devices hook up to the internet. Your smartphone tracks you in God only knows how many different ways."


    12. "Posting infographics regarding certain topics to try and prove you’re 'educated' on a topic."


    13. "People recording themselves doing 'charitable acts,' like buying a meal or giving money to a homeless person. I can assure you that person does NOT want their face all over social media so you can get clout for being a 'good charitable person.'"

    "Sure, do a good thing like helping the less fortunate, but you don’t need to record it and have their face all over social media."


    14. "I’d really rather not hear about how much money everyone either has or pretends to have. It’s just depressing, even though I know I should ignore it and focus on myself."

    a young man wearing a sheepskin coat isolated over a white background holding a cigar and a glass with champagne

    15. "The politicization of EVERYTHING and people doing certain things solely to display which political ideology they subscribe to."


    16. "Influencers. I can't stand the term, it gives whatever dickhead thinks they are famous a feeling of superiority. Plus, everyone seems to be an 'influencer' and not actually engaging in proper life. Grrrr."


    17. "I'm exhausted with how vapid and fake social media is."


    18. "That people think their lives need to be viewed to be lived — it’s like privacy and being private are considered repressive. People are always online, posting about their lives, and everyone wants validation about every aspect of their lives. Just fucking live ‘em!"


    19. "The right to be unavailable to people. If you don't answer immediately, people freak out about it. Used to be, if you phoned someone and they weren't home, you would check back in the evening or the next day."

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.