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    There Is A Twitter Thread About Bad Dates And, OMG, They're Both Awful And Hilarious AF

    "He was 20 minutes late when he arrived and IT WAS MY GD COUSIN."

    So over the weekend Twitter user @proletariatittly asked her followers if they wanted to share stories of the worst dates they'd ever been on.

    Okay guys let’s discuss: what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

    And, of course, Twitter did NOT disappoint:

    1. This date that ended with a self date:

    2. This date that could've ended with meeting his wife:

    3. This date that included meeting his family:

    4. This date that had some drama:

    5. This date that just makes no sense:

    6. This date that was all relative:

    7. This date that turned into an open mic night:

    8. This date that included a "home-cooked meal":

    9. This date that came with a large side of misogyny:

    10. This date that at least ended with long-term savings:

    11. This date that didn't want to put labels on the date:

    12. This date that sounds like something out of Pulp Fiction:

    13. This shopping date that took a turn:

    14. This date that was all about stats:

    15. This reinterpreted "juice date":

    16. This date that, well:

    17. This date that ended up not actually being a date:

    18. This movie night date where they might as well have seen different movies:

    19. This date that sounded like something out of The Hangover:

    20. This date where lies were called out:

    21. This date that was done on the clock:

    22. This date that was a ~trip~:

    23. And finally, this date that definitely ended in the emergency room: