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    People Are Sharing The Strangest Rule That Their School Had, And I Want To Know What Those Principals Were Thinking

    "We weren’t allowed to wear thongs. I don’t know how they caught people who did."

    All of us who attended school probably have memories of the "rules" the school had and that you were supposed to abide by. But, some schools put rules in place that make zero sense, and Reddit user u/SoLe123456 wanted to hear about them when he asked the AskReddit community: "What's the dumbest rule your school ever enforced?"

    Rear view of high school students walking into a building together

    The thread quickly went viral with thousands of replies, as people shared some weird rules their schools had. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "Couldn't be standing around in groups of more than four — 'gang mentality.'"

    Four teens hugging

    2. "They outlawed bracelets because there was an article in a magazine somewhere saying they advertised what sexual acts you were open for based on their color. Then someone tried to outlaw wrist watches for the same reason."

    3. "We weren’t allowed to wear thongs. I don’t know how they caught people who did, TBH."

    4. "No slow dances at the prom."

    Teens dancing at a school dance

    5. "When I was in junior school (UK boarding school in the '80s), we were not allowed to say 'OK' as it was considered slang and not befitting the young ladies and gentleman that we should aspire to be."

    6. "Our school had a rule against colored shoelaces because of gang affiliation. 🙄"

    Close-up of multi-colored shoelaces against black background

    7. "Locked the only boys bathroom because someone wrote on the wall in Sharpie. It wasn't even anything rude or inappropriate either. It was just the word 'hi' or something like that. Didn't unlock the door until one boy wet himself and parents threatened to sue."

    Men's bathroom in a school stock image

    8. "Playing cards at lunch was prohibited because it 'promoted gambling.'"

    9. "Banned all backpacks/bags on campus. Students were expected to somehow carry everything they needed in hand. This was especially challenging if you had a locker in a non-ideal location."

    School age boy looking through backpack

    10. "You have to wear your tie all the way home. Some sad bastard teachers would stand on the main road away from the school and try to hand out detentions in presumably their own time."

    Portrait of three primary school children standing with their arms folded, scowling at the camera and wearing uniforms with ties

    11. "Suddenly one day we weren’t allowed to stand in circles during recess because, and I quote, 'We could be dealing drugs.' I will add that for the years prior we had been standing in circles no problem."

    Students standing in a circle talking outdoors

    12. "Different staircases for boys and girls."

    Stock photo of a staircase at a school

    13. "We were not allowed to put our coats on until we were outside. During winter when we would have a storm, we had to go outside in the rain to put our coats on or face receiving a detention if we put them on in the corridor."

    Down jackets hanging on a hanging on a rod

    14. "If you were cold, you had to buy a school jacket, which was $30. Students and their parents had a $%**."

    15. "We once had a rule that we could only go to the bathroom during class. Not in the breaks. Only during class."

    16. "If you were caught on your phone, they’d take it until the end of the week. You’d get it back at half-past three on Fridays. Parents went mental. They ditched that rule after two weeks."

    A pile of old used cellphones on a white background

    17. "My friend is an administrator at a private school in New Jersey and the faculty has to sign in and out of the bathroom using Google sheets."

    Google Sheets logo

    18. "Girls weren’t allowed to show their ankles. The dean had a pack of socks in her office she would give the students and make them wear. Only girls though. This was the '00s."

    Legs of three female teenager friends sitting cross-legged on a wall, wearing sneakers

    19. "My school made it compulsory to wear uniform during online classes."

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.