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    People Are Sharing Their Favorite '80s Memories, And OMG, It'll Give You The Feels

    "#MyFavorite80sMemory everything!!!"

    I think that anyone who lived through the '80s would agree that it was an AWESOME decade — whether you were kid, teen, or an adult.

    Def Jam

    Yesterday, Twitter account @BratPackTags started the hashtag #MyFavorite80sMemory, to get people to share their cherished memories of the decade.

    And honestly, the responses will leave you feeling nostalgic AF for the '80s!

    Some people remembered how much they really loved cassette tapes. Specifically, taping off the radio...

    Recording on a blank cassette. Top 40 count down. #MyFavorite80sMemory

    ...and making mix tapes with them.

    Making mixtapes.. #MyFavorite80sMemory

    A lot of people brought up MTV and how it was revolutionary...

    Video killing the radio star #MyFavorite80sMemory

    ...and how it actually used to play music videos!

    #MyFavorite80sMemory When @MTV use to actually play “Music Videos”!!!!!!

    Of course, people brought up the foods, like Hostess Fruit Pies...

    ...and Hi-C Ecto Cooler (so, so delicious).

    Ecto cooler #MyFavorite80sMemory

    Eighties kids brought up Happy Meal Toys...

    #MyFavorite80sMemory was the McDonald's toys

    ...Pee-wee's Playhouse...

    ...all things Star Wars...

    #MyFavorite80sMemory -- Star Wars toys and bedding.

    ...and of course, ICONIC '80s cartoons.

    #MyFavorite80sMemory ALL of I miss being a kid & watching Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal 🙏🏼🥣☺️ #HeMan #SheRa #RainbowBrite #Smurfs #ThunderCats #CartoonNetwork

    A few people brought up the original Fab 5 (sorry, One D): Duran Duran...

    ...and professed their undying love for Simon Le Bon and the boys.

    Falling in love with a band (still love them❤) #MyFavorite80sMemory

    This twitter person remembered a very specific thing he would do whenever the video for "We Are The World" came on, and apparently a lot of other people did the same too.

    Watching the "We Are The World" video and naming each singer (and singing their part) every time it aired. #MyFavorite80sMemory

    The impact of Michael Jackson's Thriller was brought up a lot.

    Michael Jackson's Thriller video #MyFavorite80sMemory

    There was a lot of love for the soaps that defined the '80s. Like General Hospital (aka The Luke and Laura Show)...

    Racing home from school to watch General Hospital #MyFavorite80sMemory

    ...and Dynasty.

    The Carringtons and the Colbys; especially Alexis. That was must watch TV! #Dynasty #MyFavorite80sMemory

    And plenty of love for Johnny Carson, who was then-host of The Tonight Show.

    People had great memories of playing Oregon Trail...

    Dying of dysentery as entertainment. #MyFavorite80sMemory

    ...and Pac-Man (which might be the game MOST associated with the '80s).

    Almost dying of PacMan fever #MyFavorite80sMemory

    And this Twitter person shared a memory of not realizing that he beat Super Mario Bros.

    #MyFavorite80sMemory should've been beating Super Mario Bros. for the first time, but I didn't see it, because my step grandma walked in front of the tv as I was jumping over Bowser.

    Some people remembered their favorite '80s TV moments like the "it was all a dream" season on Dallas...

    ...and the finale of M*A*S*H.

    People pointed out then-normal things that just couldn't happen today.

    Getting rolls of film developed and finding photos of things you don't even remember happening!#MyFavorite80sMemory

    Movies people loved the most were Top Gun...

    Satisfying my need, the need for speed. #MyFavorite80sMemory

    ...and John Hughes movies...

    ...but, specifically, The Breakfast Club...

    #MyFavorite80sMemory The time I spent in the Breakfast Club

    People shared their memories of the fashions. Like charm bracelets and necklaces...

    ...acid washed jeans...

    ...Flashdance sweatshirts...

    Cutting the tops off our sweatshirts to look like Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" #MyFavorite80sMemory @BratPackTags

    ...and, of course, dressing like Madonna.

    #MyFavorite80sMemory Dressing like Madonna! 👗🎀🖤

    But, the number one trend people reminisced about most: BIG HAIR

    Now, if we could just find a time-traveling DeLorean and, to quote Cher, "turn back time."

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