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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Oct 15, 2015

    Paris Hilton's 8 Hottest Halloween Costumes Of The 2000s

    "That's hot."

    Paris Hilton is an ICON of the 2000s, and it's not just for her very important cultural contribution to society, the Peabody Award-winning* TV show, The Simple Life...

    Fox Television

    * This did not win a Peabody, but it should've.

    ...but also for her sense of style.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    A sense of style, which of course, extended to Halloween. Let's take a look at some of her best.

    2000: Belly Dancer. OK, so this costume might look more like Princess Leia's slave outfit than an actual belly dancer outfit...

    Getty Images

    ...but, at least she accessorized with the classic Nokia 6110 -- which I assume she used to play Snake.

    Getty Images

    2002: Cinderella. Well, if Cinderella wore Marie Antoinette's corset and MAC eyeshadow to the ball, instead of what the Fairy Godmother made for her.

    A. Nevader / WireImage / Getty Images

    2004: A fairy. OK, so it's hard to tell what she is. But, let's be honest, if you're standing next to the graceful butterfly chanteuse that is Mimi, nobody is going to be looking at what you're wearing.

    Johnny Nunez / WireImage

    By the look on Nicole's face, she totally knows it.

    2005: A bunny rabbit on its wedding night. Or is it a bunny that is walking the runway at a Victoria Secret show? Either way she was a bunny in lingerie.

    David Livingston / Getty Image

    2006: "Girl" Scout. She was totally part of Beverly Hills, Troop 90210.

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    Her outfit even has merit badges (trust me, they're on there).

    2007: Army Solider. Safe to say this probably not a regulation military uniform...

    Jacob Andrzejczak / Getty Images

    ...also, is she supposed to be a possessed solider?!

    Jacob Andrzejczak / Getty Images

    Paris also had a costume change that night, and was apparently a jail bird who was locked up in a Oompa-Loompa prison.

    Chris Weeks / WireImage

    So many questions: Like what crime did she commit against Willy Wonka?!

    2009: Showgirl. Or possibly ballerina showgirl. Either way she brought some SERIOUS Vegas off-the-strip glamour to Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party.

    Alexandra Wyman / WireImage

    She also kept the tutu-theme going by dressing her then-boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, as the Tooth Fairy...

    Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic

    ...and by the look on his face, he was totally into it.

    Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic

    I wonder what she will be this year?

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