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    2018's Most Unexpected Feud: Oscar The Grouch Vs. Big Bird

    There is some drama up in these Sesame streets!

    OK, I don't think it's a stretch to say this, but Sesame Street is not a TV show that comes to mind when you think of shows full of backstage drama and infighting between co-stars.


    But, apparently, everything's not A-OK and not everyone is a friendly neighbor on the series.


    A few days ago, Big Bird tweeted this about his friend and neighbor, Oscar the Grouch:

    Oscar is a grouch, but he’s still my friend (even if he doesn’t know it).

    Well, Oscar wasn't feeling the love and brutally shut Big Bird down with a simple one-word tweet:

    Not going to lie, this was my reaction to finding out that the air is not-so-sweet between these two iconic TV legends. I mean, this is some Kim Cattrall versus Sarah Jessica Parker level shit.

    Warner Bros. Television

    And some people on Twitter had the same reaction I did:

    @AdibaNelson @OscarTheGrouch Oscar went innnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

    While other Twitter folks were clearly #TeamOscar:

    @OscarTheGrouch @sambuusa Oscar said keep my name out ya mouth sis

    Some people were just shocked to find out that the Sesame Street stars have Twitter accounts:

    @OscarTheGrouch @pourmecoffee i can’t stop laughing at this and what really kills me is the fact that big bird and oscar are verified

    And some Twitter people were just here for the drama:

    @OscarTheGrouch @real_farmacist This is the Twitter battle we all need now.

    Hopefully these two will resolve their differences soon! If they don't, Ryan Murphy, this would make a great Feud Season 12!!!

    PBS/ FX

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