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May 14, 2020

Sorry Millennials, But Only Baby Boomers Will Be Able To Pass This Quiz

"Okay, boomer." —upset Gen Zers who fail this quiz.

  1. Which TV Western revolved around the Cartwright family?

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  2. This popular fruit salad that includes pineapple and marshmallow is known as what?

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  3. Sharing a phone line with your neighbors was known as what?

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  4. What are these?
  5. What long-running TV show aired on Sunday nights?

    Getty Images
  6. Woolworths were known as what type of stores?

    George W. Hales / Stringer
  7. Which soap was advertised as, "The world's most luxurious soap"?

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  8. Mr. Whipple was a spokesperson for?
  9. What was a very common method to make coffee in the '50s and '60s?

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  10. What TV show is this?
  11. In the '60s what was a popular ingredient to add to Swedish meatballs?

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  12. What would've been a common use for carbon paper?
  13. A gelatin salad made with canned tomato juice and hot sauce was known as what?

    Getty Images
  14. What is this?

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  15. To get a clearer picture what would people put on their TV antennas?

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  16. Who is the person on the right of Captain Kangaroo?

    CBS via Getty Images
  17. What drink was made popular by astronaut John Glenn?

  18. Finally, what is this?

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