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    11 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

    An EPIC meeting between NSYNC and the Spice Girls kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday.

    1. Lance Bass posted the MOST '90s photo ever taken: NSYNC hanging with the Spice Girls at an airport in 1996.

    2. Amy Schumer shared this sweet photo of her and her brother just chilling in the early '80s with bottle of Beefeater and a doll who appears to have been held captive.

    My brother and me #TBT always a bridesmaid

    3. Speaking of sweet moments, David Beckham shared this photo of him and his sister in honor of her birthday.

    4. John Stamos kept the sibling love theme going by posting this pic of him and his sisters during bath time.

    5. Adorable: Este Haim and her father were clearly having a fun time at the park.

    6. Madonna took us back to 1983, when she was just another struggling East Village artist who was on the verge of hitting it big.

    7. Kylie Minogue also took us back to the early '80s -- when she sported some serious feathered hair.

    8. Barbra Streisand posted this #TBT of her and her most perfect duet partner of all time, Neil Diamond, in the late '70s.

    9. Wow, looks like Zoe Saldana was a pretty fierce kid!

    10. Cindy Crawford took us back to her MTV House of Style days, to when she got to peek inside Will Smith's closet.

    11. And finally, Avril Lavigne made all of us feel old by letting us know that her album Let Go has officially entered its teen years.

    #TBT Can’t believe #LetGo released 13 years ago! Thank u to my fans for all the support over the years!