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    Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Have Just Publicly Squashed Their Feud On Insta


    It's no secret that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had one of the biggest and most infamous feuds of the decade.

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    It even culminated with the two releasing diss tracks — Taylor striking first with "Bad Blood" and Katy responding with "Swish Swish."

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    Yeah, I miss '90s diss tracks too, but this is what the '10s offered us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Well, years after it all first started, it looks like the two have officially buried the hatchet.

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    This has been a long time in the making: Back in May 2018, Katy sent Taylor a note and a literal olive branch as a peace offering (which Taylor posted on her Insta story).

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    The two have not interacted with each other since then (except for Katy liking an Instagram post in which Taylor spoke about being more political in the future back in October), spoken about the feud, or given any details about that peace offering.

    All was quiet on the Katy and Taylor front until two weeks ago, when Katy liked a tweet Taylor posted of her new cat, Benjamin Button.

    After Katy's like, Taylor then added Katy's new song "Never Really Over" to her "ME!" Apple Music playlist.

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    Then today, Katy posted this on her Instagram and tagged Taylor in it and put the location as "Let's Be Friends":

    I mean, "PEACE AT LAST" ❤️❤️❤️!!!

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    Are cookies the new olive branch?! Also, it's unclear if Taylor sent Katy the cookies or if Katy made them.

    She also captioned it with this:

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    Ugh, feels!

    To which Taylor replied:

    Katy Perry/


    Honestly, I love that these two are making it known that they have put all that behind them and that they're friends again!!! 😭😭😭

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    Now I am left with one BIG question: Is this public declaration a clue that the two are in fact collabing on song for Taylor's new album?!

    I guess time will tell!