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Sorry, Gen Z, There’s No Way You're Going To Pass This ’90s Kids Quiz

And without using Google. 🤨

Hi everyone, I'm Brian and I am the resident nostalgia writer here at BuzzFeed! And lately I've been noticing a trend...

...that anytime I write a post or a quiz exclusively aimed at Millennials, Gen-Zers immediately comment and say that they have "Experienced EVERYTHING on this list" and grew up with it too.


Which, is sorta true, maybe you're aware of it. But, living through something and experiencing it vs. knowing about something are two different things!

So, I've written this quiz that any '90s kid would know the answers to, just for you, Gen Z. It's just 25 questions — how well do you think you can do?

  1. Who is this?

    Time & Life Pictures
  2. Dialing *69 on your home phone allowed you to?

    Facebook: star69
  3. This is a scene from an iconic commercial for?
  4. This is a scene from what Brandy music video?

  5. The Spice Girls had a lollipop line with which brand?

    Hulton Archive
  6. This is a scene from which Batman movie?

    Warner Bros.
  7. Which frozen pizza brand had this jingle: "Pizza in the morning/ Pizza in the evenin'/ Pizza at suppertime!"?

    Getty Images
  8. These promotional Toy Story toys were exclusive to?
  9. This little girl appeared in commercials for what?
  10. This is a scene from what Madonna music video?

  11. These characters appeared on which cartoon series?

    Warner Bros. Television
  12. Which celebrity did Rosie O'Donnell really, really, really want to be a guest on The Rosie O'Donnell Show?

    Frank Micelotta Archive/ Getty Images
  13. Britney Spears guest-starred on which TGIF show?

  14. Nickelodeon famously made this alarm clock — what product did they NOT make in the '90s as part of this line?
  15. These characters appeared in commercials for what?
  16. What was Stick Stickly's address?

  17. Who sang the theme song to Dawson's Creek?

    Getty Images
  18. What store was this?
  19. Who is this?

  20. What album is this?

  21. This is a scene from which music video?
  22. This is a scene from a commercial for?
  23. Bruce Lee's likeness was used in a claymation commercial for what?
  24. A preview for what movie played at the beginning of the VHS copy of The Lion King?
  25. What button would you need to push to get a clear image on your VCR?

    Getty Images

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