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    25 Photos Of Things Millennials Haven’t Thought About In 20 Years But Will Recognize On Sight

    I'll never forget the smell of library cards and clamshell VHS cases.

    1. This radio alarm clock that EVERY parent owned and that gave off a bright red glow:

    2. These playgrounds that smelled musty and that you knew you 100% would be getting splinters from:

    3. These PC speakers that were surprisingly loud:

    4. This McDonald's floor that definitely also had those cheeseburger stools attached to it, too:

    5. And McDonald's drive-thru menus that looked like this:

    6. This movie theater carpet that you knew was the dirtiest thing ever:

    7. The bottle caps that told you if you won a free soda or not:

    8. The cafeteria ice cream that came with the wooden spoon:

    9. School cafeterias that also doubled as auditoriums:

    10. Plastic film roll cases that were so satisfying to pop open:

    11. These plastic swords that were practically a weapon:

    12. These sand lizards that randomly appeared in your toy box one day:

    13. Those TV cabinets with the glass doors that were held in place by a magnet:

    14. Pizza Huts, when they were indoor seated restaurants:

    15. These Tupperware sets that your grandma owned and were indestructible:

    16. The AOL homepage and the "You've got mail" email notification:

    17. These grade books, which, if your teacher had it open, allowed you to glimpse at how you were doing compared to everyone else:

    18. Library pocket cards that smelled like old books and ink:

    19. These controllers that you were able to rent at hotels:

    20. Clamshell VHS cases that got crinkly with time and smelled plasticky:

    21. Beanie Babies price guide books and magazines:

    22. The rear car doors in your grandparents' car that had ashtrays and cigarette lighters:

    23. These Duracell batteries that hurt your fingers:

    24. The pipes screensaver that was mesmerizing:

    25. And lastly, Toys "R" Us stores with the brown and orange color scheme:

    H/T to r/nostalgia