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    Non-Americans Are Sharing American Things They Wish Were Common Where They Live

    Might make Americans realize the little things we take for granted.

    Now, Americans are usually the subject of posts about all the things we do that are weird to non-Americans.

    But earlier today, Reddit user u/Jimlobster asked the AskReddit community members a refreshing question: "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is popular in the US that you wish was more popular where you live?"

    The thread went viral, with thousands of replies. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "I forget what it's called, but the blender inside the kitchen sink [a garbage disposal] that makes your food waste into a smoothie instead of you having to fish it out in clumps with your hands."


    2. "Going to the bathroom in a public space without having to pay money."


    3. "Breakfast foods available after 10:30 a.m."


    Eggs Benedict with hash browns on a plate

    4. "Hole-in-the-wall restaurants/deli shops."


    5. "Mexican food and little grocery stores/deli shops on every corner. Some of the food they serve looks legit."


    6. "Proper, good Buffalo sauce. Any Buffalo sauce offered in any restaurant in Australia is homemade and doesn't taste like Buffalo sauce, just a red-orange hot sauce."


    Red Buffalo sauce in a bowl

    7. "Tailgating looks fun."


    8. "Peanut butter. I recently tried peanut butter and jelly and was blown away by how good it was. I was Squidward tasting Krabby Patties for the first time."


    9. "IMAX cinemas."


    Outside of an AMC with the IMAX sign

    10. "A truly great and protective National Park Service. I'm Australian, and we have plenty of sacred and special areas of land, but they're slowly but surely being exploited by fossil fuel companies."


    11. "Unlimited coffee refills."


    12. "Libraries."


    Lions outside the New York Public Library

    13. "From the Netherlands here; the love for BBQ food/restaurants. We have a few, but def no pitmasters."


    14. "Easy refunds. I just went to Italy and bought the wrong date for some museums and was told tough shit. Lost 45 euros..."


    15. "Halloween. I'm in Australia, and Halloween here is pathetic. It's spring, so it's still bright out when everyone's trick-or-treating, and when it's finally dark, everyone's done for the day."

    "Barely anybody decorates their house, and if they do it's really half-hearted. There's like one cool house per suburb. Also, zero people carve pumpkins, and we don't really get Halloween-themed lollies or food, either. Wish I could experience an American Halloween."


    Kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night in suburban Californian house decorated with jack-o'-lantern

    16. "Free water at restaurants."


    17. "The number of flavors. Every single brand seems to have like 15 different versions, and there are more brands overall."


    18. "Good movie selections on streaming sites without having to use a VPN."


    A man's hand scrolling through Netflix on an Apple iPad Pro

    19. "Ranch dressing. Never, ever saw it here in Germany. Then I made it myself to try because I saw so many American people raving about it. And's great!"


    20. "General high understanding of pop culture, music, and movie references, and a relaxed, easy way of talking and joking."


    And finally...

    21. "Spontaneity, warmth, and friendliness. Maybe I was simply lucky, but even in New York, everyone was incredibly nice compared with people in my own city."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.