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29 Times That Walmart Was The Best At Failing

Hey Walmart, you do understand what rolling back means? Right?!

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1. When they tried to pass sunscreen off as cold medication:

2. The time they packaged DVD sets and totally missed the mark on their target audience:

Hey kids, love One Direction and Justin Bieber? Then you'll totally dig Hitler too.

3. When their definition of quality Fuji Apples, actually meant avocados:

4. The time they thought that a water pick made a romantic Valentine's Day gift:

I mean, a water pick is basically dental floss.

5. Or that condoms would make a good Mother's Day gift:

6. The time they marketed this as a "boys' basics":

7. When they sold these as "hamburger" buns...

8. ...and these as "hot dog" buns.

Way to ruin someone's BBQ, Walmart.

9. When they really made somebody's dream come true with these engagement and wedding rings:

10. The time they clearly didn't know what belts are:

12. The time they tried to sell Grinch T-shirts for St. Patrick's Day:

Nice try, Walmart. Nice try.

13. When they "rolled back" the price of this product:

14. When they had this deal that nobody could pass up:

15. The time they took this deep discount:

16. The time they used the term "clearance" loosely...

17. ...and the term "everyday low price":

What kinda cereal is this?!

18. The time they broke Cap'n Crunch's promise and did not give us 20% more for free:

Charging 46 cents more is not FREE, Walmart!

19. When they tried to pass off oranges as apples:

20. The time they didn't know what a fire extinguisher was:

21. The time they wanted us to push the "botton":

22. When they put "Holloween" candy on sale:

Who doesn't love "Holloween" candy?!

23. The time they had a very different definition of swimwear:

24. When they tried to make "sockerball" a thing:

25. When they tried to make spaghetti sauce and cookies a thing:

Yum, just like my nonna used to make!

26. When they said, "fuck it, someone will buy this," and put this bleach on the shelf:

How do I know that's really Clorox brand bleach, Walmart?!

27. The time they didn't think out this sign's layout better:

28. When they had to remind people not smoke near fireworks...INSIDE THE STORE:

29. The time they had to write this sign:

And we all failed as a society. =(

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