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    Mar 11, 2013

    MTV's Awesome Lee Dungrees Ads From 1997 Will Make You Relive The Horror Of Late-‘90s Jeans

    Check out Chris Hardwick rocking some seriously fugly carpenter jeans.

    In 1997, Lee tried to target the youth market by partnering up with MTV and doing a photo shoot with the cast of its new "10 Spot" fall lineup.

    Chris Hardwick is rocking Lee's The Carpenter Jean (in retro stone wash), while then-girlfriend Jacinda Barrett (yes of The Real World: London) wears The Big Flare Jean (in kiwi). You can almost smell the Sunflowers perfume coming off this page.

    "The Real World: Boston"

    Real World: Boston cast member Genesis is modeling a denim jumper perfectly paired with foam platform flip-flops. Meanwhile, Kameelah and Jason are modeling his and hers wide-leg cargo jeans (in retro stone wash).

    This photo shoot is also a refreshing reminder of a simpler time, when The Real World cast members weren’t on the show in order to launch an acting career or to win money on the 35th edition of the The Gauntlet/The Inferno/Battle of the Sexes.

    "Oddville, MTV"

    Joey the Dancing Monkey in Lee’s Authentic Bib Overalls, hands down "best dressed" in this entire shoot. Also, are Rich Brown and David Green even wearing jeans?

    "Apartment 2F"

    The Sklar brothers are rocking every 1997 male trend at once: Caesar cuts, wallet chains, racing strip jackets, and carpenter jeans. I bet they were even playing "Walkin' on the Sun" on a boombox while doing the shoot.

    "Austin Stories"

    Wow, how much denim is the cast of Austin Stories wearing?! Seriously, the guy on the right can make 15 pairs of skinny jeans from all that denim.

    Also, was this show the Portlandia of the ‘90s? Cause I really hope they moved there for the "Dream of the ‘70s."

    "Road Rules: Islands"

    So before Real World cast members were forced to compete in gladiator events for money, there was the adventure-seeking cast on Road Rules. Just keep away from open flames, guys, cause there are a lot of striped acrylic sweaters in this photo!

    "Singled Out"

    We end with the “Nerdist” himself, Chris Hardwick, modeling the same jeans from the first photo, and Jacinda (who was a real-life model) not modeling much.

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