16 People (And One Giant Tortoise) That I Think Everyone Will Be Able To Agree Are Some Of The Biggest Sex Symbols Ever

    These sex symbols range from now to all the way back in ancient times.

    A lot of times, who we consider to be a sex symbol comes down to our own personal opinions. However, there are people we can all generally agree are undeniable sex symbols, and recently, Reddit user u/Improv92 was curious about that when they asked, "Living or dead, who do you think has been the most powerful sex symbol the world has ever seen?"

    Obviously, with such a great question, there were lots and lots of replies — including some pretty ridiculous ones that were clearly meant to troll. However, there were some names that kept coming up over and over:

    1. "Marilyn Monroe."

    Marilyn in a halter top

    2. "Cleopatra, undoubtedly. Believing herself to be a living goddess, she would use clever stagecraft to seduce or woo potential allies (or enemies) to reinforce her divine status."

    Painting of Cleopatra reclining and surrounded by other figures

    3. "Prince: He 'was the only guy who could show up at your party, in frills, and steal your girlfriend. Then steal her clothes, then steal someone else's girl in your girlfriend's clothes.'"

    4. "James Dean."

    Close-up of James

    5. "Helen of Troy."

    Painting of Helen

    6. "Marlon Brando in the 1950s."

    7. "Victor Hugo. Supposedly all the brothels in Paris closed on the day of his funeral and the sex workers — who attended by the hundreds — draped their privates with black cloths as a sign of mourning."

    Victor in a chair

    8. "Mae West. If you don't know why, then you don't understand her."

    Close-up of Mae holding a cigarette and surrounded by men with cigarette lighters

    9. "David Bowie."

    Bowie with his arms folded and his finger to his lips

    10. "Paul Newman because of his 'All Profits to Charity' motto, and it's $600 million so far."

    Close-up of Paul

    11. "I always loved Sophia Loren."

    Close-up of Sophia

    12. "Eartha Kitt."

    Close-up of Eartha in a spaghetti-strap outfit with an animal-print coat behind her

    13. "Jim Morrison."

    Close-up of Jim

    14. "Not only is Dolly Parton the most powerful sex symbol, but she will remain one for as long as Dollywood stands."

    Close-up of Dolly smiling

    15. "How is Elvis not up here?! He made every woman literally melt for a decade and still does to this day."

    16. "Pedro Pascal."

    Pedro at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    And lastly, this one, which honestly very much deserved a mention...

    17. "The giant tortoise who single-handedly brought his species back from endangerment of extinction by having a fuck ton of sex."

    A large tortoise

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.