25 Things That Seem Super Obvious To Millennials, But Kids Today Have Never Heard Of

    Remember when TVs were so heavy it took two adults to move one?!

    1. How you had to rush to the video store before midnight to drop off your rentals in order to avoid late fees.

    2. How TVs once weighed like 150 pounds, and had a LARGE backside that gave off quite a bit of heat.

    3. How if you wanted to see what was going to be on TV that week you needed to look through your TV Guide or your newspaper's TV listings.

    4. How the only way to binge-watch a season of a TV show was to buy or rent the DVD.

    5. How you had to call your local theater to find out what movies were playing there, and at what time.

    6. How if you didn't know the number to a place you had to look it up in the phonebook.

    7. How you had to literally schedule your life around the premiere of a music video on MTV or risk having to try to randomly catch it later.

    8. How researching something for a school report meant looking it up in the encyclopedia...

    9. ...or a CD-Rom (which you prayed had stuff on the subject you were researching).

    10. How downloading a few small MP3s took FOREVER.

    11. How going online meant sitting at your family's desktop and being hardwired onto the internet.

    12. How the only way to talk to your friends after school (aside from the phone) was on AIM.

    13. And how if you wanted to talk to your friends during class you had to pass a notes.

    14. How video game controllers had cords that attached them to the console (which made it easy for people to trip on and totally ruin your game).

    15. How you had to print out directions off MapQuest — and how you had to remember to select the black and white printing option, so that you wouldn't waste your color ink.

    16. How you had to buy webcams separately.

    17. How flying meant waiting in one GIANT check-in line (self-service check-in kiosks were NOT a thing).

    18. How before everyone had cellphones, this was really the only way to make a call on a flight.

    19. How ordering things over the phone was pretty common.

    20. How people had to buy a whole separate machine in order to have voice mail on their home phones.

    21. How you needed to carry around all your reward cards with you in order to get the discounts (since there was NO WAY to look them up).

    22. How you, basically, blindly took selfies, since there wasn't any front-facing cameras.

    23. How you'd share pictures with your friends by actually printing them (usually requesting doubles).

    24. How if you wanted to see a trailer for a movie, you actually had to go to the movies.

    25. And finally, how you had to carry around change if you needed to make a call from a public phone.