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    Having Beanie Babies As Investments, And 22 More Nostalgic Things That'll Remind Any '90s Kid Of The Good Ol' Days

    A little trip back to a simpler time.

    1. When there was nothing more calming than arranging your Disney VHS tapes and taking deep whiffs of the plastic cases:

    Eight Disney VHS tapes on a table

    2. When having your VCR tear your favorite VHS tape was the worst thing that could happen to you:

    VHS tape destroyed by VCR
    Michael Burrell / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    3. When birthday parties were about going to Chuck E. Cheese's and not about dinners at fancy restaurants and splitting checks:

    Exterior of a Chuck E. Cheese
    Mark Schiefelbein / WireImage

    4. And when having a stack of these made you feel ~rich~:

    Chuck E. Cheese tickets from 1993

    5. When you were entertained for hours by jumping around on furniture in your family's living room:

    Meme of a living room with couches marked as safe and floor as lava

    6. And when you entertained yourself with one of these for hours while on a car trip or just out running errands with your parents:

    Pink Polly Pocket case with two Polly dolls standing in front of it

    7. When this was the best and coolest souvenir you could get on vacation:

    Black Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans T-Shirt

    8. When this was the most magical place you could eat at:

    Close-up of the Rainforest Cafe sign
    Robert Alexander / Getty Images

    9. When Beanie Babies were your 401(k):

    Beanie Babies on a shelf
    Joyce Naltchayan / AFP via Getty Images

    10. And Pokémon cards were valuable currency:

    A bunch of Pokemon cards on a table

    11. When sitting right in front of the TV felt like a rebel move:

    Two kids sitting close to a TV set
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    12. When fighting with your siblings over "internet time" (when using the family computer) were some of your only real sources of frustration in your life:

    13. When this was the most expensive thing you carried around:

    Stock image of portable CD player from the '90s
    Comstock / Getty Images

    14. When walking aimlessly through the aisle of a Toys "R" Us just felt magical:

    Photo of a little boy looking at toys inside a Toys "R" Us
    Langevin Jacques / Sygma via Getty Images

    15. When nothing was more refreshing than drinking out of the hose in your backyard on a hot day:

    Meme of a hose with water coming out and "dat smell" written over it

    16. When watching the Pure Moods commercial instantly transported you and made you feel calm:

    Oceans crashing into rocks screenshot

    17. And when Jock Jams was the go-to birthday party album:

    Girls jumping against a orange back drop

    18. When you looked forward to going to weddings 'cause you knew you'd be dancing the "Macarena":

    Sony Music

    19. When using your Hercules plates made you feel like you were eating off fine china:

    Six Hercules plates on a wooden table

    20. When you'd feel so gourmet 'cause you made the Country Time Lemonade:

    Screen shot of Country Time Lemonade container next to a lemonade pitcher

    21. When eating a Lunchable felt like a flex:

    Photo of a kid drinking a Kool-Aid while eating a Lunchable
    Ralf-finn Hestoft / Corbis via Getty Images

    22. When the most stressful part about Valentine's Day was only about the number of cards you'd get from your classmates:

    A bunch of '90s Valentine's Day cards spread out on a table

    23. And lastly, the satisfying feeling you'd get whenever your entire family agreed on a movie to rent:

    A family picking out a movie at the video store
    Chuck Savage / Getty Images