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    19 Christmas Tweets About Millennials That Really Are Way Too Accurate (Especially If You Are One)

    I, for one, am NOT here for any The Muppet Christmas Carol slander. That is a holiday classic that should be part of Criterion Collection and the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

    'Tis the season, and for millennials it's always about two things: remembering Christmas in the good old days (aka the '90s) and, of course, dealing with all the headaches of being a grown-ass adult during this time of year.

    So with that in mind, I decided to do a roundup of funny tweets that truly capture what Christmastime 🎄 is like for millennials:

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    Did adults use to like Christmas? Or were they just faking it? Cause I don’t know many millennials into this shit.

    Twitter: @DrKittyGirl


    Anyone noticed how TikTok has literally become Christmas QVC for millennials this year 😂

    Twitter: @LostParadiise_


    Every Millennial has a photo of their parents from 1988 looking exactly like Kermit and Miss Piggy in the Muppets Christmas TV special

    Henson/ Twitter: @ironcladfolly


    vampire weekend’s self titled is a Christmas album for tumblr millennials

    Twitter: @xanabon


    boomers: write christmas songs about being horny for santa gen x: point out how weird it is to be horny for santa millennials: horny for santa but ironically zoomers: horny for santa, unironically

    Twitter: @rat_liker


    The Boomer/X/Millennial line of demarcation is whether you like A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation or Elf best.

    Twitter: @MichaelStahlke


    terrifying millennial PSA that buddy the elf is canonically 30 years old merry christmas how are we all doing out there

    New Line Cinema/ Twitter: @dilemmalord


    Currently watching a Christmas movie starring Lindsay Lohan. She wears skinny jeans and sings Jingle Bell Rock and you know what? I’m here for it, I’m such a basic millennial 💅🏼

    Twitter: @ludludlud


    At Christmas my grandpa was like “something something NFT. Have u heard of this?” Someone else said “maybe Myra knows” being the only WOKE gay millennial Internet art kid at family things do be a heavy burden

    Fox Television/ Twitter: @_Myrarose_


    What does the millennial generation want for Christmas? The same thing it always wants - more Disney channel movies. This is a great idea!

    Twitter: @raanapbot


    I got the Trogdor board game for Christmas which as an aging millennial feels a lot like if someone got my parents The Big Chill board game.

    Twitter: @CaseyMalone


    Xmas is just older people confiding in u 2 make every electronic work and get confused when ur not an engineer and call u a dumb millennial

    Twitter: @alysha_share


    As a true millennial, i’m gonna spend at least 1 xmas day setting up a password manager for my parents 👍

    Twitter: @ElineMuijres


    can us millennials make a pact to not buy each other birthday and xmas presents we are too poor

    Twitter: @yellerzz


    Several Canadian retail brands are doing holiday campaigns that feel like a hard throwback to the 70s — probably because they know Millennials and younger don't have disposable income

    Twitter: @Malcontent79


    Millennials don’t get enough credit for not killing Christmas cards.

    Twitter: @MonoChz


    millennials watch a non-muppet adaptation of A Christmas Carol challenge

    Twitter: @AnnaStonebrook


    @art_stapleton Muppet's Christmas Carol is the Millennials "It's a Wonderful Life".

    Twitter: @CiaranJDC


    The last time millennials were happy was opening an N64 on Christmas.

    Twitter: @a_benjamin