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    24 Things That Were Cool In Middle School But Definitely Aren't Now

    Maybe I'm just bitter I never got a Razr.

    1. Suffocating everyone around you with Axe:

    2. Taking pictures with your friends like this:

    3. Spending 25 minutes finding the perfect CD:

    4. Having a wardrobe full of these brands:

    5. And belts like this:

    6. Literally just drawing all over yourself and your friends:

    And all over your shoes:

    And all over your backpack:

    7. Adding as many X's as you possibly could to a screen name or email:

    Or having an email like this:

    8. Ringtones in general:

    9. Shootin' up lead:

    10. Hoping and praying someday you'd get a Razr:

    11. T-9:

    12. Overdramatic PDA displays:

    13. Filling your iPod Nano with the PERFECT songs:

    14. Burning CDs:

    15. Bands that may or may not have been sexual in nature:


    16. Calculator insults:

    17. Being a Pop Punk Princess:

    Or a Popped Collar Prince:

    18. Wearing Livestrong bracelets:

    19. Quoting Napoleon Dynamite in every conversation:

    20. Having your entire sexual life consist of this:

    Or this:

    21. Finding the perfect away message:

    22. Drawing this EVERYWHERE:

    23. Spending hours customizing your Myspace even though no one gave a shit:

    Or hours taking surveys even though people gave even less of a shit:

    24. And, of course, not having internet everywhere you went: