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    Mark Ruffalo Told Jimmy Fallon He Would Have Turned Down The Role Of The Hulk If Wasn't For Robert Downey Jr.

    TBH, I can't imagine anybody else playing the Hulk!

    It goes without saying that when it comes to characters we love in the MCU, the Hulk probably ranks in the top five (you can fight me on that).

    And, I think we can all agree, it's due in large part to Mark Ruffalo's wonderful performance as Bruce Banner/the Hulk.

    But on last night's Tonight Show, Mark told Jimmy Fallon that he was actually hesitant to take on the role and was very close to passing.

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    In case you don't remember, Mark actually took over the role of Bruce Banner/the Hulk from Edward Norton — who played the character in 2008's The Incredible Hulk (which was the second film in the MCU).

    And it was Edward's portrayal of the character that made Mark scared to take on the role:

    Mark went on to say that he also felt uncertain if he was the right choice for a big-budget movie since he was more of an indie film actor, but that Joss Whedon told him otherwise:

    Eventually the word got to Robert Downey Jr. that Mark was on the fence about taking the role.

    Which caused him to go full-on Iron Man and call Mark and convince him to take the role:

    Mark then said that any reservations he had went away as soon as he read the scene in The Avengers where Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in India.

    He also revealed that he'd like to star in a Hulk stand-alone film where we see how the Hulk became "the Bulk" (aka the Bruce/Hulk hybrid we saw in Endgame).

    All I can say is: Someone at Marvel, please green-light this ASAP!!!

    You can check out Mark talking about joining the MCU here:

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