Macklemore’s Awesomely Awkward Teenage Photo

Oh, that backwards baseball cap — that’s hella tight.

1. Behold: It’s a teenage Macklemore, hanging with his friends in what appears to be the late ’90s.

2. Now let’s take a closer look at this brofest treasure:

3. First off we have these two, throwing up hand signs — clearly they are both reppin the mean streets of Seattle.

4. This guy in the beanie seems to be a little embarrassed to be seen with these guys.

5. Obviously these guys are the tightest friends in the photo.

6. Then we have this guy, I am going to assume this is the guy who thinks he’s the bad boy of the group — every group of guy friends has one.

7. And then we have Macklemore….he’s, um, daydreaming of thrift shopping.

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