Listen To Tupac Shakur’s Thoughts On Life, Death, And Racism

In this previously unheard interview, the iconic rapper opened up about everything from his distaste for the media to how he felt like the tragic hero in a Shakespeare play.

1. In 1994, Tupac Shakur, then a rising movie star — starring in films like Poetic Justice and Above the Rim — sat down with journalist Benjamin Svetkey as part of profile piece for Entertainment Weekly.

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

2. Never one to mince words, he opened up on a wide range of issues…

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

3. …his views on racism, and how if he were white, he would be a hero…

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

4. …that “Thug Life” was a necessity. Something that helped empower him…

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

5. …how silencing him through imprisonment was the real death sentence…

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

6. …his feelings on being used by everyone from the media to the friends he grew up with…

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

7. …and that in 10 years he saw himself as dead.

Blank on Blank/ Patrick Smith

Tupac was killed 2½ years after the interview.

8. The animated video and interview is part of the PBS Digital Studios excellent series Blank on Blank:

9. Read Benjamin’s profile here.

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