Lisa Frank Posted This Drawing Of Joe Exotic From "Tiger King" Looking Like The Cover Of One Their Notebooks And It's Truly Art

    Um, I am going to need a whole line of these.

    So it goes without saying that Netflix's Tiger King has captivated us all!!!

    And aside from all of the people on the series having over-the-top personalities, they all seem to have some very, um, colorful style.

    Which, of course, has led to the creation of a million memes — but this one by @therealface, about Joe Exotic looking like a Lisa Frank notebook come to life, is truly too real:

    Well, yesterday Lisa Frank made all our dreams come true by posting this beautiful fan art (by arielhart.gif) of Joe Exotic drawn in a Lisa Frank style on their Instagram:

    And yes, they truly knew this ART was just what the world needed:

    Of course, the creator of the meme was one of the first to thank them for this visual gift:

    Even Netflix was left speechless:

    Honestly, I know this Lisa Frank acid trip is how Joe must see the world!!!

    All I have to say is: Lisa Frank, please get on this and make a whole line!!! I need Tiger King–themed stickers, book markers, pens, and folders, ASAP!!!!!