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    Lindsay Lohan Once Again Denied Paris Hilton's Story About What Happened That Infamous Night With Britney And Also Spoke About Trying To Make A "Mean Girls" Sequel Happen

    The night and the sequel rumors that refuse to die!

    So a couple of years ago, Paris Hilton went on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio and revealed one of the biggest mysteries of the '00s...

    ...that mystery being what *exactly* happened that night Paris, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears went out together in Paris's two-seater car.

    Jose Luis Pelaez Inc. / Getty Images

    Listen, I don't have the rights to the photo and I am not trying to get sued for using it, so I'm using a stock photo — but you know the photo! It is a work of '00s art and a modern-day Renaissance painting.

    According to Paris, Lindsay crashed a night out that was supposed to be just between Paris and Britney.

    Paris told Andy that the only reason she let Lindsay in her car was because she didn't want to humiliate her in front of the paparazzi:

    We were all at the Beverly Hills Hotel, at the bungalows at an afterparty, and then Britney and I wanted to leave to go home, and then she [Lindsay] started, like, chasing us and then squeezed into the car. It was literally a two-seater SLR ... she just squeezed in, and I didn't want to humiliate her in front of all the paparazzi and be like, "Get out of my car," so I was like, whatever.

    Well, in a recent interview with the UK's DailyMailTV, Lindsay, once again, told her side of the story.

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    Lindsay rebutted Paris's claim, saying she has never crashed a party ever:

    I've never had to crash a party in my life. Just leave it at that.

    But that infamous night was not the only thing Lindsay talked about in the interview — she also talked about Mean Girls and her desire to get a sequel made.


    Over the years, Lindsay has said over and over that she would love to make a sequel, but this time she says it's also because she hasn't done a film in a while:

    Of course I would say yes. To come back with a movie like that would be my dream, to be honest, because I haven't done one in so long. That would be my ultimate.

    Lindsay also revealed that she had spoken to the film's director, Mark Waters, this past week, but did not say whether or not he was interested in directing a possible sequel.

    Paramount / © Paramount / Courtesy of Everett Collection

    And, of course, this all comes after Rachel McAdams said last week (during a fundraising livestream) that she might be interested in revisiting the character of Regina George.


    Lindsay also said she hopes to talk to Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert to get them on board.

    Rights Managed / Paramount Pictures / Ronald Grant Archive / Mary Evans

    But Lindsay admitted that a future Mean Girls sequel really will happen only if Tina Fey is on board to write it.

    Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

    So there you have it: Lindsay once again said that she did not party-crash Paris and Britney's night out, and she is doing everything she can to finally get a proper Mean Girls sequel made.


    I say "proper" because Mean Girls 2 was a messy mess.

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