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    21 Lies People Between The Ages Of 26 And 35 Believe About Their Childhood

    Meredith Blake was the real MVP of The Parent Trap.

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    1. That you could totally beat Legends of the Hidden Temple.


    The truth: You knew you couldn't and if you were actually on it you would probably crap your pants the moment a Temple Guard grabbed you.

    2. That purple or green ketchup was cool.

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    The truth: You knew that color was off-putting, especially green — that looked like Slimer's diarrhea.

    3. That you wouldn't fight with your siblings over which movie to rent when you guys would go to Blockbuster.

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    The truth: Um, the minute you couldn't agree it was game over and the drama ensued.

    4. That The Return of Jafar...


    5. ...and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride were as good as the originals.


    The truth: You knew they weren't! If they had been they would've been released into theaters (see: Toy Story 2).

    6. That one day you'd be able to press down all the colors at once.

    The truth: Just looking at it you knew it only had room for one pen color to come out at a time.

    7. That your Easy-Bake oven creations tasted gourmet.

    The truth: It tasted like undercooked cake best.

    8. That a handheld TV was a cool way to watch television.

    The truth: Sure, it probably felt futuristic, but in reality you were just straining your eyes to see a fuzzy image. Also, usually these TVs were only in black and white.

    9. That wax lips were fun.

    The truth: It was wax you put on your lips...nothing fun about it.

    10. That these were great candy.

    The truth: It tasted like chalk...acidic chalk.

    11. That "this time" you wouldn't get shocked or burned when going down the slide at the park.


    The truth: Well, you knew there was a 90% chance of that happening. The odds were never in your favor.

    12. That playing with slime was worth it.

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    The truth: It got everywhere, was a bitch to put back into the can, and smelled weird (leaving your hands with a gross scent, even after you washed them). It also collected a ton of dirt, so it was yucky to play with after a few times using it.

    13. That these were the best party favors.

    The truth: These were really just gross, glorified dust-and-other-people's-hair-collectors that left stains on your walls:

    14. That this was the coolest music player.

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    The truth: It literally played only 30-seconds of a song. All it really was was a keychain.

    15. That these tasted good.


    The truth: These didn't taste like anything other than wax.

    16. That these scooters were the funnest thing about P.E.

    The truth: Not by a long shot! Also, 99% of the time you spent on it you were worried about crushing your fingers.

    17. That this ice cream was bomb.

    The truth: It was fine, but that wooden spoon thing made it taste like...plywood.

    18. That you needed a portable CD player with anti-skip protection.

    The truth: Anti-skip protection NEVER worked.

    19. That big colorful erasers were the best.

    The truth: They might have looked nice, but they couldn't erase shit and made everything smudgey.

    20. That clackers were a fun way to pass the time if you were bored.

    The truth: These sucked and were annoying AF. You might as well have banged on a pan like a toddler.

    21. And finally, that Meredith from The Parent Trap was super hateable.


    The Truth: LBH, now you probably understand her and realize she is the most relatable character. Also, Hallie and Annie were awful to her!

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