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    19 Lies People Between The Ages Of 34 And 42 Told Themselves In The '80s

    Fact: No one over 34 has ever seen the "Large Marge" scene in Pee-wee's Big Adventure more than once.

    1. That you would totally be able to win if you competed on Double Dare:


    Deep down you knew that game and especially the final obstacle course was NOT easy!

    2. That wearing neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt was a good look:

    You literally looked like you were about to jump on a bike for a long ride.

    3. That you were going to do well in Trivial Pursuit:

    It seemed like in the '80s every family had Trivial Pursuit and playing it was hard! LBH, those questions were no joke and even your parents and older siblings had a hard time answering them.

    4. That playing this was like playing a piano:

    Nope! And all you did was annoy your parents with you playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with a series of beeps.

    5. That these plastic smock costumes were cool:

    They were uncomfortable and the mask was hard to see and breathe out of.

    6. That puffy stickers were the best stickers:

    They NEVER fully stuck and would always fall off whatever you stuck them to.

    7. That these sticky hands were cool:

    They got full of hair and dust about 35 minutes after you first played with them, making them useless.

    8. That you could totally "MacGyver" your way out of a situation:

    LOL, you knew that there was no fucking way you'd even want to be in some of those situations.

    9. That Small Wonder was remotely believable:

    20th Century Fox Television

    The show literally had an outlandish plot, even by '80s TV standards. Also, you knew those special effects were janky, even by '80s standards.

    10. That Colorforms were super fun to play with:

    Yeah, they were fun for like 10 minutes and then the novelty wore off. Basically they were just movable stickers.

    11. That Rio and Jerrica were meant to be together:


    Rio was a fuckboy who literally cheated on Jerrica with her alter-ego Jem!

    12. That kids toothpaste tasted good:

    It was gross, it tasted like sugary, grainy toothpaste!

    13. That watching shows on a handheld TV was the coolest thing ever:

    First off: you couldn't even get good reception, secondly: it was in black and white, and third: you strained your eyes watching anything on that super tiny screen.

    14. That you knew how to use the library card catalog:

    You'd always end up just asking the librarian for help.

    15. That you would not skip over and read the different options you had when reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book:

    You always skipped over just to make sure you were making the right choice.

    16. That these were easy to skate in:

    They barely moved.

    17. That these chairs were comfortable:

    Facebook: PopularGadgetsAndMiscOfThe60s70s80s

    You always ended up having a backache after sitting in them.

    18. That Garbage Pail Kids cards weren't creepy.

    There were always a few you couldn't even look at them and you would place at the bottom of a desk drawer.

    19. And finally, that you could watch the "Large Marge" scene in Pee-wee's Big Adventure:

    Warner Bros.

    LBH, you always closed your eyes during this scene.

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