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    40 Things You’ll Only Really Remember If You Were A Late-’90s Teen

    You'll smell Herbal Essences and Gap Dream while reading this post!

    1. How the best Snapple flavors ever were Elements (RIP), which tasted even better 'cause they came in glass bottles:

    Photo of Earth, Rain, Sun, and Fire flavored Snapple Elements

    2. And how Orbitz weren't really all the great, but everyone drank them 'cause they seemed cool and futuristic:

    A shot of two Orbitz bottles

    3. That you learned so much useless trivia from watching Pop Up Video on VH1 — which also had a catchy theme song:

    The Pop Up Video logo

    4. The never-ending struggle that was making sure your siblings or parents didn't tape over a show you hadn't seen yet:

    A photo of two blank VHS tapes one labeled Friends -- Do Not Tape Over and the other Dawson's Creek

    5. And the many fights that would ensue among you and your siblings if you wanted to record something or watch a VHS at the same time they did:

    6. How much you relied on TV Guide to let you know what the heck was on! Especially if it was going to be a new episode of a TV show or a repeat:

    Ad that appeared in TV Guide in the February 15, 1997 for Moesha

    7. How common it was to own soundtracks to movies you never even saw:

    The cover for the The Godzilla soundtrack

    8. And to buy an entire album for just one song:

    The New Radicals album cover featuring the lead singer wearing a bucket hat and sitting down with a yellow burst behind him

    9. Just how much work went into a mix tape:

    10. How playing GoldenEye and Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64 was the cause of some major competitive fights with your friends:

    11. How the hammer loop on baggy carpenter jeans got caught on EVERYTHING:

    A person wearing carpenter jeans and pulling on the hammer loop

    12. That you'd always make sure to be at the movies on time so you could see the trailers for upcoming films (since that was the only place you could see trailers):

    13. How you'd always make sure to save your tickets after going to a concert:

    A pile of concert tickets

    14. That entering a contest usually required you to mail in a postcard:

    A screenshot of a New York PO Box for a contest

    15. That every few months, your parents would interrogate you about something they saw that "teens are doing" on 20/20 or Dateline:

    Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters sitting at the 20/20 news desk

    16. That the only acceptable backpack for school was a JanSport or EastPak (worn one-strapped, of course):

    A navy JanSport backpack with a suede bottom

    17. That there was always a 90% chance of burning your mouth whenever eating a Bagel Bite after school:

    A screenshot of a hand grabbing a Bagel Bites

    18. How the magazine section at Tower Records was the best magazine section anywhere. And how you'd low-key open up the magazines that were wrapped in plastic so you could read them:

    A black and white fish lens photo of a magazine section at a Tower Records

    19. How Oakley's Eye Jackets were the coolest sunglasses you could own:

    20. How heavenly Tommy Hilfiger...

    Tommy Hilfiger and two models spraying Tommy Girl perfume inside a store

    21. ...and Gap scents smelled:

    A collection of Gap scents

    22. How everyone owned this Gap hoodie:

    A navy Gap hoodie with Gap athletic embroidered on the chest

    23. How much the entire bathroom smelled like Herbal Essences anytime you or your siblings used it:

    24. How much everyone quoted Happy Gilmore (and really all late-'90s Adam Sandler movies):

    25. That nothing caused bigger fights between you and your siblings than who got to use the phone...

    A photo of teen sitting at the kitchen table while talking on the phone

    26. ...and how long you'd been using the internet:

    Three teens sitting in front of a desktop computer

    27. That you rarely ever checked your email (since it wasn't really a thing):

    A screenshot of the AOL homescreen in the late 90s

    28. How Cliff's Notes were the original Wiki:

    29. And that Encarta was always a lifesaver when you needed to do reports:

    30. How getting one of these multi-CD stereos (with a remote) for your room made you feel so cool:

    A 3-CD boombox with a remote next to it

    31. How much you enjoyed coming home from school to watch The Rosie O'Donnell Show, since she always had the best guests:

    Rosie O'Donnell interviewing Madonna on her show

    32. That there was no cooler and sorta bougie denim brand than Levi's SilverTab — in medium stonewash, of course:

    A pair of loose SilverTab jeans and the image of the logo next to it

    33. How you looked forward to getting clothing catalogs in the mail (even if it was just to dream over the things you wanted):

    Twitter: @ScaryMommy

    34. That your breath wasn't minty fresh until it felt like you had burned a hole in your mouth with Binaca:

    35. How you never wanted a copy of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, but ended up being gifted it by a relative that you barely knew:

    36. How uncomfortable these headphones were to use, even though they looked so cool:

    A pair of Sony headphones that wrap around and over the ears

    37. That you usually would only watch one of the two Titanic VHS tapes 'cause the movie was long AF and you didn't feel like switching tapes:

    A VHS copy of Titanic

    38. That everyone had that one friend who was way too into Titanic and bought any product about the ship or the movie:

    39. How you would watch MTV for hours at a time just to catch the one music video you wanted to rewatch again:

    MTV logo with a black background

    40. And finally, that there was no bigger relief than making it to the Blockbuster drop-off slot on time and knowing your parents wouldn't be charged a late fee:

    A quick drop slot at a Blockbuster