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Lady Gaga's New Puppy Is Insanely Adorable

Her little monster has the cutest p-p-p-puppy face!

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She's Lady Gaga’s new French bulldog puppy.

She is also totally taking over Gaga's Instagram photos.

Which is cool because she is ridiculously cute.

I mean, seriously, look at that face!

Too cute for words!

Like all puppies, Asia enjoys long walks... begging face...

How can you say "no" to a face like that?

...posing in front of floral arrangements...

She is totally cool hanging out with Gaga's celebrity friends, like T.I.

Or hanging backstage at concerts, taking selfies with Gaga and her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.

And of course, one of her favorite things to do is play with her mommy, Gaga.

Also, while she might be the baby of the family, she totally plays well with her brother Fozzi and sister Stella.

Sometimes Asia plays and parties a little too hard.

So her perfect solution for that: Taking long naps with her mommy.

Lady Gaga + Asia = CUTE

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