19 Unintentionally Inappropriate Kids' Drawings

    Kids draw the darndest things. (But mostly phallic shapes.)

    1. These well-endowed scissors:

    2. Seems like a rather exciting first day:

    3. The hat really isn't helping either:

    4. OK, the text is really not helping this one:

    5. They might just be playing hopscotch:

    6. I hope this is just a funny drawing and not a cry for help:

    7. Maybe we could tell what this is supposed to be if Jesus had been drawn with a beard?

    8. I really hope that's supposed to be a tail:

    9. This could also be a machine gun:

    10. So is the girl on the right not wearing any underwear?

    11. Hey, it's just a personal back massager:

    12. Do you see a lawnmower?

    13. When you think about it, giraffes are a bit phallic:

    14. Well, I guess this can work for Mother's Day?

    15. Um. I sort of see a butterfly:

    16. This is just so creepy:

    17. I guess that's one way to put out a fire:

    18. If you look closely it does look like a lighthouse:

    19. What kid doesn't want to grow up to be like their parents?

    Bonus: Find out what the drawing above really depicts: