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29 Burning Questions, Answered By Kermit The Frog

The world's most iconic frog opens up about everything from his favorite emoji to One Direction.

It's been almost 40 years since Kermit the Frog first starred in his classic TV series The Muppet Show, and since then the world's most famous amphibian has gone on to star in dozens of movies and specials. But starting on April 3, he is going back to his TV roots and reuniting with the Muppets (including Miss Piggy) for Muppet Moments, a series of fun children's shorts that will begin airing on Disney Channel.

Recently Kermit took time from his busy schedule to stop by the BuzzFeed L.A. office and give us the scoop on everything from what's going on between him and Miss Piggy to his feelings about a certain meme.

1. Were you aware of what BuzzFeed was before you came?

2. Who is your favorite Muppet to work with?

3. And who is the funniest Muppet?

4. Aside from Miss Piggy, which Muppet is the biggest diva?

5. Speaking of Miss Piggy, what is really going on between you two?

6. Any plans for you two to get married?

7. You two are a famous celeb couple. What do you think your tabloid couple name should be?

8. Which current artist or band would you want to do a duet of "Rainbow Connection" with?

9. Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

10. What are your feelings on social media?

11. So are you on any social media?

12. Have you ever read anything mean about yourself online?

13. What do you say to people who write mean things on the internet just for fun?

14. How do you feel about the viral meme of yourself drinking tea?

15. Now I don't know if you can answer this, but why did they never show Nanny's face on the Muppet Babies?

16. Do you have a favorite emoji?

17. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

18. What's the best advice your mom gave you?

19. You're a big celebrity who is great with his fans. Are you ever tired of giving hugs?

20. Do you have a favorite food?

21. Obviously tweens and the internet were rocked by the news of Zayn leaving One Direction. If they asked you to, would you replace him in the band?

22. Like Zayn, you're part of a big performing group (as a member of the Muppets). Do you have any advice for him?

23. You seem like a rather private frog. How do you keep yourself out of the tabloids and sites like TMZ?

24. If they ever made a Muppets biopic and you couldn't play yourself, who would you want to play you?

25. And as a follow-up to that, who should play Miss Piggy?

26. You look trim and fit. Are you doing, like, a Paleo diet or do you have an exercise routine?

27. You've been in show business for a very long time, yet you look so young. What's your secret to looking so youthful?

28. For the record, have you had any work done?

29. Finally, how does it feel to be back on TV?

Thanks for stopping by, Kermit.

Disney Junior's Muppet Moments will air daily on Disney Channel starting April 3.