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    Karl Lagerfeld's Awesomely Weird "Scarlett 'N The Hood" Photo Shoot

    In the May 1996 issue of Vanity Fair, Lagerfeld paid homage to the classic film, Gone with the Wind, by casting none other than Naomi Campbell as Scarlett O'Hara, and that was the best thing about this strange all-star mess.

    Lagerfeld recreates the film's iconic movie poster, with Campbell as Scarlett, and Charlton Cannon as Rhett Butler. Also, why is it that having black models somehow warrants the use of the word "Hood"? Did John Galliano come up with this title?

    Oh... hey Galliano! Strangely, he is also the first person I think of when casting a anti-Semitic pirate house servant.

    Model Charles Andrews as Scarlett's (female) house servant, Prissy (?!), giving us a "damn girl" face.

    Legendary shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik, as the made-up character of “Tara's gardener.” Also why no shoes for him?! A shoe designer without shoes is wrong, like Lagerfeld without his sunglasses.

    The late, great, Italian designer, Gianfranco Ferré, keeps the WTF casting moments going as Mammy (complete with a Hermès head wrap).

    Campbell -- styled by André Leon Talley -- has Scarlett's fierce attitude down.

    Largfeld has Andrews' (top photo) committed to the role of Prissy -- down to the white dress.

    Shalom Harlow and Amber Valetta dressed up as male house servants making off with the silver; because why not?

    And finally... what?: