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18 Things That Always Happen On "House Hunters" And Are Totally Infuriating

"IT'S JUST A DOORKNOB! YOU CAN EASILY FIX THAT!!!" —You screaming at your TV

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1. When you wonder how the hell people with no real jobs can afford to buy a house:

2. When you see how much house you can get for the (low) price in the area where the episode takes place, and you realize you can't even afford to buy a closet in the city you live in:


3. When the house hunters drop some sorta weird fact about themselves and the show just brushes over it:

4. When it's clear that the house hunters have NO idea what style of home they're looking for:

5. When they want to live in a certain location, but refuse to put up with any of the inconveniences that come with the area:

6. When it seems like the house hunters don't have their priorities straight:

7. When the real estate agent shows them a house that is way outside their price range for absolutely no reason other than to torment them:


8. When the house hunters have a requirement that just makes them seem like big assholes and excessive:

9. Or when they have a prerequisite for their new house that makes you say, "Um, that's not normal":

10. When there is absolutely nothing wrong with the home, but the buyers are already discussing bringing it down to the studs:

11. When you wonder if being insufferable was part of the prerequisites for being cast on the show:

Cartoon Network/ Twitter: @CMarshallLSN

12. When the couple on the episode make passive-aggressive jokes at each other that just make you cringe:


13. When it's more than obvious that the couple hate each other so much, that you wonder why the hell they're looking for a house instead of spending that money on divorce lawyers:

14. When the house hunters CAN'T look past an easily fixed cosmetic thing:

15. When you wrongfully prejudge the house hunters and they surprise you:

Warner Bros. Television/ Twitter: @JA_Hazel

16. When it seems like producers are really reaching for facts to put in an episode:

17. When no matter how large of a place they see, it's never BIG enough:

18. And finally, when the house hunters pick the wrong house for the worst and dumbest of reasons: