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Joel Schumacher Is Apologizing For His Shitty "Batman" Film

Twenty years after its release, the movie is still every bit as cringe-worthy.

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Vice recently spoke with the film's director, Joel Schumacher, in "honor" of the film's 20th anniversary. And he was very sorry about how the film turned out, saying:

Look, I apologize. I want to apologize to every fan that was disappointed because I think I owe them that.


Schumacher went on to point out that he was expected by Warner Bros. to do a sequel to his previous Batman film, the commercially successful Batman Forever, even though he knew that was NOT a good idea.

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Schumacher had taken over the franchise at the request of his friend, Tim Burton, who was feeling pressure from the studio after his film Batman Returns was deemed too dark and not kid-friendly.

After the movie was released Schumacher faced intense backlash from critics and fans, saying:

...After Batman & Robin, I was scum. It was like I had murdered a baby.